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  1. Needed that mini-bye week to reset the clock...rest is key down the stretch.
  2. If we can only we 3 of the next 4...we have the potential to finish the season 9-7 if the defense doesn't get right. I don't see us beating the saints, and the Atlanta game will be a dogfight. Seattle always plays us close so that's the scariest game of the next 4 for me.
  3. Last nights blow out was a blessing in disguise. If we would have lost, but was 'close' (two score game) then I don't think changes would be coming, But the blowout against his new owners former team? I guarantee there will be moves, be it not official for the media but I'm sure Rivera has seen enough of this Defense to know it has to change. Perhaps keep the title of D coordinator but be much like Shula is on the Giants team, not the play caller, more like the fluffer.
  4. Not sure if its been mentioned yet, but Jack Del Rio is sitting at home...
  5. Dunn

    I've seen enough. Hurney, do it.

    You mean we could sure up a position for the next 4-5 years that we've been neglecting since Mike Mitchell? Say it ain't so!
  6. Right there with you, I feel like after his mom's death, the guy just hasn't been himself and its shown through his attitude. Doesn't help that anytime he tries to put something on Social media in a positive light, he gets absolutely destroyed by trolls. Can't be good for your self reflection especially if you let those on the outside get to you. He was wrong with what he did with Cam...but no one deserves to be treated like dirt like he has over a football game.
  7. Torrey should be brought in to run Go-Routes to wear out the DB's, then put Curtis or DJ on them and smoke them with their elusive moves.
  8. I swear I heard the team break the huddle with "This one's for Tolbert!" before the start of yesterdays game, so yes.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if he threw some money on the table for every player in that locker room to get some extra incentive to beat them.
  10. Dunn

    Mike Evans

    Hey where's the guy that always calls him 'Badberry'...so original. I'm guessing he's hiding today.
  11. Dunn

    Who wants one of these?

    Thats like the trash that was selling shirts after last weeks game, the shirt said something like "Philly Philly bitch!" in very large letters...just classless as hell with children walking around.
  12. Dunn

    The Purge feat Cam and Luke

    The Luke and Luck was funny, but Luke has been mic'd up and is an animal on the field, where as Luck compliments people when he gets sacked lol
  13. Dunn

    Fans of Shaq Lawson...

    Dang, you already know where he's signing?
  14. Always thought this graph said it best about Newton...he is all alone on top of the Mountain. He is a 1st ballot HoF player no doubt. (the blue dot is Cam, obviously)
  15. I'm still curious as to his relationship with Torrey Smith and if there is some riff there. He was clearly pissed at Jenkins, but didn't hold back and said something at Torrey as well when they brought him back to the sidelines. Thankfully one is offense and the other is defense but still wouldn't want that to potentially divide a locker room.