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  1. Dedicate full time attention to the only professional sports team in the Carolina's to win a championship...the Hurricanes. Been watching them pretty consistently since last year and going to games if possible.
  2. He was already tweeting Wilson to get him to Seattle also.
  3. I still remember when he stood up Brandon Jacobs on the goal line when Jacobs was the hot RB in the league. Still gets me hyped thinking about it. 1v1 and stood his ass up.
  4. From his press conference he said he wants guys that love the game of football and want to give it their all and love the team and want to be here...I don't think there is another player on this team that can even come close to how much Cam loves this team/city/game. He's the man to roll with, he still gives us a better chance then either Allen or Grier.
  5. The rebuild has officially begun. He will be the cornerstone of this offense going forward.
  6. Always root for the Panthers first, but a part of me would love to see him be massively successful if he's let go or traded. He's just always been vilified by the NFL and its frustrating as a fan knowing what person he can truly be and will never get his fair shake.
  7. The personality that is Cam Newton, I firmly believe he'll take a team friendly deal to stay here. He is like no other player or person that's been in the NFL before. He rolls to the beat of his own drum and even though many of his doubters say otherwise, he is extremely passionate about winning, and 'winning my way'. He is hard headed on determining how he feels and performs, clearly seen with him saying he was okay throughout the years even though he was hiding his injuries...I firmly believe he will go against what others tell him and take the one year 'prove it' deal from the Panthers to stay here, as long as he clears their medical evaluation. He'll bet on himself big time and I hope he comes out with a fat contract from us after that.
  8. Donte gonna pout like he did when he got called out his rookie year by the vets
  9. I can't agree with that there being he was a RB in College. That characteristic just can't stick with someone who's use to getting tackled by 300lb linemen. I think if Cam were healthy this year, we'd have seen Curtis get a better chance.
  10. If we'd get Burrow...that'd be the best pick possible since Cam Newton back in 2011...here's hoping.
  11. how do you know he can't be...like you said it took Kelce 3 years.
  12. 'Hell naw' says everyone who's perfectly fine with mediocrity.
  13. Personally, I don't care as long as he hoists the Lombardi one of those years. Family time is over.
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