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  1. PJ, while it hasn't looked great, I want to see some excitement from that position this year and I feel like he brings that...even if it comes with a huge learning curve.
  2. They need to lose...because the teams they are playing are in the top 10 draft hunt like we are currently...Falcons twice, Broncos and the Eagles all need to win to help us out.
  3. No real off season with proper weight and strength training to adapt to the NFL and the higher level of competition it brings...and he's producing like a solid veteran NT. I think he's doing just fine. for his first 9 games of his career.
  4. Sorry I can't blame it 100% on TB. That's probably the worst offensive line I've seen even before Newton got here. Its insane how bad they've been playing the last 3 games.
  5. There's no way there aren't other Guards on other practice squads that are any worse...please make a move.
  6. Man I remember when Poe was in the talks of being an Elite tackle back during his rookie contract days.
  7. Coached by Matt Rhule? Consider it done.
  8. It looks like he slipped going down which made it look even worse. Still he needs to be pushing forward and I'm sure he will be told that this week quite a bit.
  9. If we can get a competent MLB (not even Luke level, I'd be happy with an AJ Klein like player) and another DL man to get doubles to free up our Edges or Brown...I'd be ok with Boston back there as long as Burris is there to hold his hand.
  10. When it mattered like catching the TD pass that hit him in the hands. Could have been a completely different game.
  11. DJ Moore couldn't capitalize when it mattered, its more on him then Teddy by far.
  12. Can't wait to see them do these push ups during a game like Willy Mays Hayes
  13. Hills eyes are actually looking at the ball...this is a good sign.
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