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  1. Hope the best for the guy, its long past him trashing Cam...dude's got some issues that he needs to sort out and get better mentally.
  2. there are a bunch of players that have turned down the pro bowl this year.
  3. Dunn

    Go Rams, obviously.

    My hatred turned to respect for Brady this past year, the dude just wins...last night he showed absolutely no fear when they were down, went and scored to go ahead, and in OT shut them down. Guy is a killer, much respect for that.
  4. Dunn

    London here we come

    Ron can stand stoic next to the Royal guard before the game and blend in perfectly.
  5. Hey, he earned it. Payton talked some big trash about Peters after they beat them during the regular season...he got it back today.
  6. Dunn

    LMAO... Suck it Saints

    fantastic way to end...no PI is the worst no call in history, and it couldn't of happened to a worse team.
  7. An off season with him next to 59 could be very interesting, if his football IQ and learning ability is as strong as that article suggests, he can be scary good.
  8. Dunn

    Top 25 Free Agents

    Would love Landon Collins and Flowers...I think if we can get either of them that'd be a solid start to the off season.
  9. Cam won't have time to throw it to Brown when he is getting sacked behind a line put together with JAGs and Practice squad specials, since we used all of the money to bring over Brown. Oh and we'll always be playing from behind since we'll have no pash rush either since we will be giving up draft picks for him as well. No. DJ Moore and Samuel for the future please.
  10. Dunn

    David tepper speaks.

    I'm happy to hear he acknowledged the issues on the field and wasn't blind to how the defense progressed...or I should say regressed. As he said, this was his Rookie year, the people ready to crucify him are absurd. Really excited to see what the next few years bring.
  11. We are stuck in the same Conundrum that Cowboys fans are faced with. Most of them can't stand Garrett and can't wait for him to be fired, and here they go winning their division again and cementing him as their coach for at least another 2 years. The same will ring true with Ron if we do have a good season next year, it'd set us up for another 2 years of Ron. I don't want us to fail...but I'll be damned if it means a new beginning I might be able to suffer one more season of mediocrity.
  12. Dunn

    What to do with Matt Kalil

    Change all the locks in the facility. Turn off the lights when he comes around.
  13. Yes, bring in Kaep to play next year for him.
  14. I remember he said something trashing the panthers on twitter a few years back and Ryan Kalil came at him with something like 'we hated having you out there too because we had to pick up all your work' or something like that. It was pretty brutal lol.
  15. For once in a LONG time, WR isn't a need for this team. AB would be a luxury we can't even begin to afford.