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  1. In the Preseason I always thought KB played better with DA throwing to him then Cam, he's going to get some targets this weekend for sure...might surpass 50 yards
  2. He could be our Tyreek Hill, he's that quick and elusive. Thank god Ron doesn't see that and use him properly though.
  3. Yes we can beat them, and I think we will. This forum was doom and gloom before the Patriots game last year too...and we came out of there with a W. This Philly team isn't riding that wave of everything going right for them like they did last year going to the playoffs, I think we'll win in a close one.
  4. Money. Its funny because after the first time he left, and then came back he stated that he chased the money in going to Arizona...and was happy to be back and should have never done that...then chased the money again going to the Saints. Hope he ends his career there not doing jack squat.
  5. Dunn

    PFF loves DJ Moore

    Good thing we have Torrey Smith and Funch in front of him. Don't want him to get TOO good while with us.
  6. Until Funchess learns how to use his size to his advantage, to me he is a #4 on the team behind DJ, Curtis and Wright.
  7. Would love a spark at DE...but not sure what would be out there thats worth trading for right now. Someone that can disrupt the QB to help out our Defense which right now is struggling.
  8. Think the Hurricane is gonna hang around for a month?
  9. Dunn

    Josh Norman

    While I know Josh has not had the performances he's had here...he can still get into people's heads and ego. Wouldn't be surprised if he challenges Cam all day to throw it at him, and Cam takes that invitation...if Norman will be matched up with Funchess...he'll eat DFunch up.
  10. He needs to be used more to keep defense's guessing. They are going to start keying on him like they did Stewart last year anytime he was in and CMC was out, they knew we were running it and stacked the box every time.
  11. easily 60/40 mix of Panthers/Giants fans...loudest I've heard at a game for the visiting team. I hope Tepper has some ideas on how to fix these seats being occupied by opposing fans. I bet the Steelers rarely see over 20% opposing fanbases.
  12. Dunn

    Olsen owns Cowherd on Cam

    I use to enjoy listening to him back in 08-09. Would listen to him while driving the Sherwin Williams delivery van through Norfolk. Would help pass the time and he was entertaining.
  13. I'm surprised he never caught on anywhere.
  14. I bet he's ready to replace Witten in a heartbeat, that guy is really bad on MNF. Greg would be perfect fit.