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  1. He was a pretty big die hard Panthers fan apparently, posted a video after we lost the super bowl crying.
  2. You can bet the farm he had a discussion after the Pittsburgh game last year to not let something like this happen again...so when it happened this year I'm sure it wasn't pretty.
  3. It should, we have been absolutely garbage in the division, this new Defense was intended to change that, if we lose to a 2-7 team at home, its time to uproot the whole system.
  4. All the praise he's getting not only from players on his own team but also competitors, tells me more then what most say on a message board of him being a Case Keenum or Flacco. Its funny that he's being compared to those QBs already...and he's played 1/2 a season basically and you've already judged he has the talent of a average starting QB in the NFL. Can you imagine how much he could improve being QB1 under center for a whole offseason, training and practicing on the flaws he has now, to correct and get better that way and see what he could improve upon then? Not saying he'll come out as a Aaron Rodger or Manning prospect in 2020, but if he can continue to put together consistent drives like he has when it counts, can improve his deep ball and know when to check it down or tuck and run to safe yardage, this kid can be much better then your average QB.
  5. Looks like we might be double dipping at DT again this upcoming draft
  6. I nominate myself. 11 years on the huddle, no real enemies to speak of, don't post whore and check in every day. And I have a sweet avatar. Have good rep as well and won't stir pots...unless that's part of the job?
  7. Yeah Burns has been a ghost the last 3 games. He's needed badly.
  8. As with most 'Rookies' the Game is so fast paced to start, to be able to just keep your head above water for a game or two is impressive, let alone done what Allen has been able to accomplish this season. If the game starts to slow down a bit for him, I feel you'll see an even better passer. There are a few times where he was hesitant to run or throw the check down when it was open and it bit him in the ass. Hopefully after film he absorbs that and will start to make those reads better. He has room to grow and I feel like he can be at worst, a middle of the pack QB in the NFL, and that's more then you can ask for from someone who at one time was a 3rd string QB.
  9. Will never hate seeing Wes Horton play for us.
  10. I have a bad feeling its gonna be an offensive ass whipping on us. While Cockrell is serviceable I think he's gonna get torched like Bene was against Julio back in the day, with Rogers at the helm. Hope I'm dead wrong.
  11. The second question is the biggest one...being injured for basically the last 2 years, do you set this next year out to be your 'tryout' for the rest of the league for your final big payday? Be it from the Panthers or another team after next year, he will potentially gain millions more if he plays next season here (given the opportunity) and show that he still has it to be a top 10 QB in the league. On the other side, he could spiral down next year and potentially cost himself millions if gets hurt again or under performs...depends on how risky he wants to be.
  12. Can't see him seeing the field unless Allen shits the bed...why take the hot hand out?
  13. which bottom feeder team would him next year for a 1st rounder? Miami? Jets? Chicago?
  14. It makes me sad to think his time might be over here. Really hope its not and we get to see him under center in 2020.
  15. Cam to the NFL is like Lebron is to the NBA. Where Cam Goes, his fans will go. They don't stick to a team, only to a player. It'll be a sad day when he is not in a Panthers uniform as I truly enjoy watching him play, but I'll stick a Panthers fan regardless.
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