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  1. Kinda surprised they wouldn't try to put a dome over one of those fields for during the season practices...
  2. So I gotta ask, why is everyone already writing off Kyle Allen as a legit back up to Cam? He faced a good amount of the Saints #1's on defense and did well. Another year under Norv and I'd think he is a good back up potentially to Cam.
  3. So when he starts sacking QB's, will we be yelling BRRUUUUUUUUUCEEEE?
  4. Dunn

    Kyle Love to New England?

    I remember he had a grudge against them for releasing him and was happy to be with us...the money changes your opinion of a place I suppose lol.
  5. He just needs to learn ball security and he'll be extremely deadly.
  7. Holy cow, huge need filled! Bring on the DE!
  8. Everything was laid out for us in 2015...I still can't believe we couldn't seal that last game.
  9. Dunn

    Raleigh to get AAF team?

    The Carolina Coleslaw
  10. Gotta be Delhomme. TD did it 2 years ago for CMC.
  11. He's a big boy, but he isn't cut like Peppers was in college. Pep was diesel.
  12. Dunn

    Greg Olsen and Barack Obama

    Great for his son and him. That's a moment I believe Greg will carry more pride with then his son as he is more aware of how rare it is to actually meet a former President of the United States. Good for him.
  13. Everson Griffin is a basket case...I dunno if you'd want to risk him. Would love Xavier but thats most likely not gonna happen.
  14. I asked Tepper for change to get a drink out of a machine and he gave me $100,000.
  15. Im all for it. They have said it's time to evolve and at least they are showing signs of trying to do so.