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  1. Good luck getting Newton to try and sit even if hes 75% healthy. That man will NOT miss a game if at all possible.
  2. At one time Newton was one of the best in the league against the Blitz, I think it was 2015...what has happened since then?
  3. You guys, Cam is infallible and never does anything wrong! You are just haterz. I love Cam, my favorite player on team by a long shot, but he needed to do better there and realize you won't win a Pre-season Superbowl trophy. 9 year vet and hes looking like he's trying to win the starting role of QB. Live to fight another day when it'll actually matter instead of trying to make a play out of nothing. Now he'll probably miss another week of practice before opening day.
  4. They will need Armah in there on every play to help chip block Aaron Donald so he won't destroy Newton.
  5. Sweet, you have a bunch of posts on a message board and that means you are important. kudos...just means more diarrhea comes out of your mouth then most.
  6. On him, he is trying to make a play in a freakin' preseason game. 9 year vet, should have just went down.
  7. That injury is on Cam, its god damn preseason, stop scrambling to make a highlight play and just GO DOWN. Christ hes now a 9 year vet and trying to risk it all on a freakin' preseason game.
  8. College Stats for Gostkowski (Patriots kicker) FG % over 4 years: 76.1 XP % over 4 years: 96.4 Joey Slye Stats: FG %: 72.2 XP %: 98.3 Very similar to Slye's career stats at VT, and Slye had more attempts in college. Sometimes guys just have it click in the NFL and start to be very good kickers...it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to run with him over Gano if he continues to prove himself in pre-season.
  9. So...why couldn't they use the visiting teams locker room at Wofford?
  10. Exactly...how has Armah done so far in this camp, hadn't heard anything?
  11. I hope he makes it here...wonder if he'd transition into a FB role?
  12. I have all the confidence in the world that both he and Moore could be 1,000 yard receivers this year. 39 receptions last year, He should easily get 60 this year, along with his ability to run the ball when needed on trip plays or end arounds, the possibilities on him are limitless. He and CMC are very similar in capabilities on the field, and thats never a bad thing.
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