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  1. They will pay him, and somehow still be able to retain playmakers and continue to make us rage.
  2. Gimme dat Vanilla Coke at the machines and I'll be fine.
  3. You understand your team will the be laughing stock of the NFL until they can actually win a Super Bowl right? No playoff appearances where you win a divisional game will make that better in the eye of the public. Ya'll will be forever known as the biggest choke artists in sports...not just football. Every time their season finishes up, the nation will bring up that debacle of a Super Bowl as the biggest 'what if's' in history
  4. Cam Newton stays healthy...that's it. Even with a suspect defense we'd have been in the playoffs no doubt with a healthy Newton. This Defense will be even better then last year.
  5. I think Ryan Kalil had a huge part in it, you could tell how much the Oline bonded before, hell look at how they sent off Jordan Gross, all the guys singing a barber quartet to him at his press conference. I think he was able to have a bunch of guys drop their guard and accept eachother and friends...He was here before Cam, and I feel he was able to let Cam know its cool to be yourself with teammates
  6. Not surprised really, Tepper is a winner. Look at the legacy he's got so far in life, he is determined to succeed at any level and I believe he'll get it. Glad he's focusing 100% at this.
  7. Guy was always humble and appreciative of the Panthers even when they were cutting/signing him it seemed weekly. Hope he got paid well, he deserves it.
  8. If he was vegan he'd already have rushed for 3500 yards per season and 40 TDs.
  9. I think Curtis in net and HEAVY focus on killing the Bruins power play need to be the focus from now until Tuesday. We outskated them last game aside from the PP's, and same today honestly even late into the 2nd...then it came unhinged. We have to stop letting them get to the net on PP's and just feasting on rebounds. Absolutely murdering us in that department. It'd be nice if Carolina could find a power play as well...I mean could you imagine if they had even just an average PP? The series would be tied right now.
  10. This is a ugly dirty team...I hate we are playing them as they seem classless to me. Much rather play the CBJ. But we have upset both teams so far, hopefully we can keep the momentum going this round and keep injuries to a minimum.
  11. I tweeted the Panthers and I hope others were too regarding getting some guys to the games, you see a bunch of Patriots at the Bruins games, Zeke was at the Stars game, its cool to see other professional sports teams support each other. A rookie from the Hornets sounded the siren last game also.
  12. The thing is, this team has that extra gear in the 3rd. Hats off to Rod for training these guys to have incredible endurance in the 3rd period. I don't know if every team does workouts after games or if its a Rod thing...but if not you can see how its positively affected this team. 3rd period is them just getting warmed up and they just put the hammer down on teams. Its awesome to see them go for the jugular late in tight games.
  13. Mrazek might be back if Mac does struggle a few games...but if he plays lights out for the next few games you might see Mac take over duties, hard to replace a goal tender when they are hot.
  14. Swolebones 2.0...I don't think he'll really make an impact honestly.
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