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  1. Is Eric Washington the one locking his threads because he sure isn't coaching a football game right now. #cuck #ranchwithwings
  2. Dex

    What took so damn long.

    Nice jinx guy.
  3. I didn't know the guy but I'm sure you're right. I've had friends come home from multiple tours and not shoot up a bar. It's no excuse. Agreed. The American war machine.
  4. iTs NoT tHe ReSpOnSiBlE gUn OwNeRs DoInG iT side note: we need better mental health treatment for vets.
  5. Guaranteed? Absolutely not. Confidence boost? Yep.
  6. Dex

    It’s Donte Jackson’s Birthday Today

    Donte gets a pick 6. The secondary gathers around him sitting indian style in a circle. He pretends the football is a cake and pantomimes blowing out his candles. Everyone else claps.
  7. It was definitely an epic moment/event and kicked off that historic super bowl run. That was my first Riot trip. Went to the Riot Giant's game that season as well.
  8. If only I knew someone who lived near Boston.
  9. Yeah that is ridiculous. @RoaringRiot how is the bar in Boston?