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  1. Dude is trashhhhhhh. The entire Falcons defense has 5 sacks. We have 27.
  2. I've really come to dislike Bill since he's joined the Panther's staff but every now and then he puts out good content. Enjoyed the read.
  3. Not concerned about the division. Okay.
  4. SF game will say a lot but the Saints are balling this year and I'm not confident we win the division.
  5. No, you don't trade a great backup unless you have another great backup behind him. Because then if Cam goes down again next year we won't be so lucky.
  6. Their superbowl run dummy head. They lost their QB1 and since they had a great backup they won a superbowl.
  7. I think all of us fans and the coaching staff of the Panthers want to see how Allen performs against SF. That's my rational.
  8. Look at the Eagles. There's your answer.
  9. This is stupid. When Cam is healthy he's an MVP superstar franchise quarterback. Healthy Kyle Allen is an above average back up with starter potential. His sample size is too small to guess the future of what he might be. But the two are currently incomparable. Just stop.
  10. Close game that will be decided by Joey Slye in the final seconds.
  11. No one: Not a single soul: KaseKlosed: We need another Cam ATL flight thread.
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