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  1. The voice of reason. Where were you when the Academy was selecting Emmy Nominees for Outstanding Drama Series in the early 2000s?
  2. IT was 100% a late hit and he will get a fine. It's possible that it has to do with the Twitter incident but we haven't had an enforcer type in the secondary since Harper. We need that type that makes receivers afraid to go over the middle. See Kam Chancellor.
  3. The dude hasn't played in 3 years. What the fug is he going to do?
  4. $75 for the PRIVILEDGE of a cash bar? Get the fug out of here.
  5. I'm hyping it to everyone. My boss, friends and now my mom is watching it. This might be some of Fincher's best work. I wouldn't mind if they took years in between seasons. Particularly if you take into account the BTK killer plot line. The showrunner said it will run 5 seasons.
  6. It's the 3rd preseason game the starters always play.
  7. I wouldn't have played sports in school if it wasn't with me friends. Does he have friends on the team or in his league? Cause that's the selling point for that age.
  8. I believe they'll work it out somehow as negotiations are till ongoing and this is too large of an enterprise to fug with. But if anyone can tank a franchise it's Sony.
  9. I guarantee you the minute that Reid signed with Carolina David Newton became involuntarily engorged.
  10. Got a lady friend coming over so I'll be doing some fancy poo. Pan seared steak with butter and thyme and a creamy cucumber and dill salad.
  11. BB: Is that Kelvin Benjmain? RR: No it's just the Gaffney Peachoid.
  12. How you gonna call me out like that?
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