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  1. He was certainly above average. But it's easy to look good when we had such a lack of talent on defense those two years.
  2. Shaq is a notch below Beason imo. But two notches above James Anderson.
  3. 2 is definintley worth playing. 2' DLC is also the best in the series.
  4. 86 is pretty high tbh. I think I was around 50 or so the first time I beat Gwyn. Still have the DLC!
  5. Nooooooo did you go back and see Gywnevere?
  6. You should go back and see Gwynevere... I have a feeling she's not telling you everything.
  7. Ahem @Shocker, are you sure you're done with Anor Londo?
  8. Anything to get 52 off the field.
  9. So wait? The entire rumor is fake? I already added him to my Madden team....
  10. I would pull the trigger on our 2nd and a 6th. But I don't think they let him go for that. Or a 3rd and Curtis Samuel.
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