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  1. You made a shitty thread about a new head coach that hasn't even put his staff together yet. You sir, have contributed nothing but bullshit and arrogance. So that's what you get. On the low I kind of like you as a Huddler so I hope we can still be friends. Kisses.
  2. Thanks for posting the definition of nepotism bro. Not like any of us have a 3rd grade education.
  3. Well there goes a perfectly good Huddle emoji @Jeremy Igo
  4. He's certainly tempering or Teppering... expectations with that "best 8-8 team" line.
  5. He was being careful with his words lmao
  6. Yeah that was definitely some BS that he didn't get a chance to discuss Cam Newton with Hurney or Tepper yet.
  7. He's already said more words in one press conference than Ron said all of 2019. Or should I say a "variety of words".
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