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  1. There are 31 other teams. Surely one of them will agree with this.
  2. Having a great D helps for sure, but no matter how good they are, they are always better when fresh. The kind of fresh that comes from long, boring drives by their offense. Drives that end up in points. We are not there yet for sure. Turnovers kill us. The one in the endzone for sure. Plus the Boger-bungle stole points, gas, and spirit from the D IMO.
  3. This is a pretty easy take though. There is not lots of pomp and flash, but to some that is not what is important. If he continues to improve, stays humble, gives 100%, keeps a good attitude, and puts the team first he will be fine for now. There are lots of young weapons. Game managers can be fine as long as they are efficient.
  4. trade Cameron for any o-lineman that can start
  5. ..rather lose with Kyle than win with Cam.. what on earth would that be based on?
  6. I think the kid shows guts every week. Making it worthwhile to watch again.
  7. To me its much better than watching a guy who literally has all the goods take a dump week after week. The struggle is going to be significant but the decision to move on was and remains the right one to make. At least Kyle has some heart.
  8. Such is why you just cannot take the league seriously anymore. For about 6-7 year s now actually. The refs and league have way too much to say about outcomes. Its turned into something I pay very little attention to. More of a casual pastime where i get nostalgic about real Football a decade or so back. Only a fool would significantly invest financially or emotionally going forward.
  9. that clown has hated us for.. ever fvck him and the crew he rode in on.
  10. Davis and Lathon. Good times. Thanks for the reminder anybodyhome.
  11. -trade Cam for a decent O-line starter and a 3rd round pick and be done with it.
  12. I tuned in to local for a few minutes today long enough to hear some cowboyee douche try to convince the host that since Romo was undefeated, two undefeated teams were playing tomorrow. I shared that insanity with the moron cowboy janitor when he came to vacuum my office and he immediately agreed. Having not been clever enough to formulate that gem on his own prior, I found out later he was impressed with the great news. I did get at least three more random chuckles out of him throughout the rest of the day. Yes, he proceeded to spread the "two undefeated teams" headline throughout the plant. Stupid is just stupid
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