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  1. Same could have been said about Richard Rodgers. We went through a year and a half of pain till the press started to push hard on Ron
  2. Paintballr

    Eric Reid being a distraction

    Richardson had his proxy in Tina running the organization. It’s the reason why she didn’t stick around or get another job in the NFL since leaving the organization. Why training camp? The sale wasn’t official I think until the first or second week of July. Training camp is the 3rd and last week. If I had to guess people were getting a feel for Tepper. Prettt sure the first priority for me as a GM or HC with my new boss would be not to rock the boat in the first two weeks (although he should be been signed at he start of FA anyways)
  3. Paintballr

    Dont look good for Dr Ford

    That’s like saying Reagan supported people in Afghanistan to help fight for us, and it worked out well right? Oh...wait...we don’t want to remember that
  4. Paintballr

    Dont look good for Dr Ford

    Wait, so you’re saying it’s smart that we use/using ISIS to fight for us, but we wanted to destroy them his first 30 days in office?
  5. He got hurt because he wasn’t at OTAs or training camp? I didn’t know running sprints will help keep you from breaking your leg
  6. Have you ever left a job because you felt you out performed what you’re being paid? Asked for a pay raise? Expect a certain amount to increase each year? How would you feel signing a contract for your currently job saying you deserve this based off your potiential, then you out perform, bring the company more money than what’s expected, and then someone says to you “you signed the deal oh well”, and then at the end of your contract with the company you can’t find another job because what you do is highly specialized and short shelf life
  7. Paintballr


    Weren’t we one of those teams one year that made it? Or did we just miss it?
  8. So was Zach Shancez, Bene, Khealoa Pileras, Duke Robinson, Tim Shaw, Ben Emanuel, Drew Carter, Kindal Moorehead
  9. Paintballr

    Dont look good for Dr Ford

  10. Paintballr

    Dont look good for Dr Ford

    Pretty sure when you say we will defeat ISIS the first 30 days of office, means the first 30 days of office.
  11. Paintballr

    Dont look good for Dr Ford

    The wall is now being promised in 8 years? ISIS being defeated in 30 days is a 8 year promise? Hillary being locked up was a 8 year promise?
  12. Paintballr

    Dont look good for Dr Ford

    Built a wall - Nope Made Mexico pay for it - Nope Locked up Hillary - Nope Made pharmaceuticals cheap again - Nope Had trillions invested in our infrastructure - Nope Stopped grifters in the swamp - Nope Enacted term limits for congressmen - Nope Banned foreigners from funding American elections - Nope Defeated ISIS in 30 days - lol nope Use only US steel now for our infrastructure - Nope Cut the number of tax brackets - Nope All of those are from his rally’s and speeches
  13. Paintballr

    Beware the PS1 Classic

    I’m like 99% sure when I got my ps1 originally the controllers were D-Pads. The “dual shock” was something that came out later
  14. Paintballr

    Red Dead 2 Thread?

    It will, and will probably have some version of shark cards. Rockstar has figured out that if they make a game good enough, and release it on different platforms at different times, people will buy it 2-3 times like GTA V or Skyrim. Weapon degradation won’t be bad if it’s balanced. I usually hate that stuff but Breath of the Wild did it and I didn’t even mind. First person will be a fun experience but will be trash for “first person shooter”. It’s probably be like GTA V first person which is fun, but auto aim is a must.