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  1. I would have taken a Dan Henning offense with Cam any day than what we got with Shula. Henning at least knew when to feed a stud and design a gameplay around playmakers. shula would just run his scheme every week and make no adjustments
  2. “If we don’t test it, it will Magically go away” let’s do that with cancer and just hope it goes away.
  3. Gtfo here with this nonsense and take it to the tinderbox or go in a glass house of twitter and spew the nothingness to profiles with eggs as their profile
  4. Really hope you aren’t trying to simplify and downplay a virus that has killed over 210,000 people, more then 9/11, more then Vietnam
  5. That thought ran across my mind today. Our oline looked fug awful last year with Norv and Ron. Now they are doing more with less
  6. Does Brady last past this year with us? I’d hate to see us have him for only one year while we rebuild vs. us drafting and building a system
  7. This is the first year I’m watching and I go “who the hell is that” on our team Scott at Lt? Who? Glad to see him getting some push at LT
  8. Lol Shaq and Tre....our two “big” names guys on defense
  9. D-line covers and make the back 7 look a lot better. Front 4 are god awful. Throw in that 2 starters were/are out, we don’t have a sack in the league, and we can’t stop the run, it’s going to make those back 7 look really really bad. Luke is one of my favorite players ever, is a HoF, but he would even look out of place and look bad this year
  10. It was Richie right? Not surprising he would do that surprised he didn’t go throw weights into the stands and say aliens were hacking into his brain through Bluetooth after
  11. We are going to be feeling the lack of Luke this year...honestly we’ve been spoiled by good MLB play the last 20 years Lester Towns -> Dan Morgan - > Chris Draft -> Jon Beason -> Luke We've been spoiled as fans for 20 years to have essentially 3 pro bowl/hof caliber players at mlb, and 1-2 serviceable players. We are going to be in a rough situation this year and fans aren’t going to be happy
  12. Offense wasn’t the issue really today. We also have had such poo offensive coordinators in our history of a franchise that anything will be exciting. 30 points should and would win most games in the nfl. Look today and I believe before 4:25 only 2 games hit that score or higher. The 4th and 1 play call was poo, but if our defense wouldn’t have given up almost 7 yards a play, 4.6 yards per carry, 3 rushing TDs, and let Carr complete over 75% of his passes, we would have won that game. my biggest concern is and has been if Snow can translate to the nfl, and if the defense can show any improvement
  13. Not denying it, but on 4th and 1 he doesn’t have any say or know what’s going on? how many times can he say it’s “on me” till it’s becomes the new “it is what it is” or “missed opportunities “
  14. Eh... I listened to that stream. They asked what happened on that 4th and 1... ”I’m not second guessing anyone’s decisions, but you can write in the paper that it’s on me” so he wasn’t deciding that call and it was Brady who did, but he will take the blame
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