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  1. Has nothing to do with mls don’t turn people against a team that is already strong in support without even a name it’s 100% for club suites and money for the football team. Soccer fans don’t sit in leather seats at ground level for mls games (except the same people who do at nfl games)
  2. How does it change anything? Honestly asking
  3. I think that’s the approach heading into this year. Basically clt has to get an entire team ready in the next 12 months. That’s kit, branding, name, staff, facility etc and that’s going to be hard to do if he has connections to get some players here to fill out a roster it will be good
  4. They were only 2 game behind us, beat us at home, and did it with a kid who hasn’t played more than 20 games at QB including college (with their HC fired) They were 6-3 and were hot until Alex Smith got hurt. Like it or not but they have more pieces than we do right now
  5. Bruce Allen was in role for 10 years Gruden 5 years Shannhan 3 years Ron was with us for 9 years. Not much turnover there in 8 as many assume they do. If Alex Smith didn’t pull a Joe Theisman they would have been in the playoffs and in contention for the NFC East this year
  6. Y’all realize coaches probably didn’t want to come with Ron here because he was basically on a two year prove it deal. No one wants to go to a staff and get fired after a year.
  7. It will speak volumes if he goes with Ron to Washington or not and what his role would be
  8. Mint City is the supporter group. Most of the time the supporter group doesn’t match the team name and pays homage to the area. Charlotte had the first US Mint in the south it was located near the reed gold mine I believe. Plus the colors are a blue and mint green color for the supporter group. check us out, we got a lot of events planned this year and also have chapters established NoDa (the one I’m apart of), Belmont, Kernersville, Matthews and West End.
  9. Lol at people on Ticketmaster trying to get $200 a ticket for lower bowl against NO. You should be giving that away for free
  10. They are terrible. Glad I’m not wasting entire Sunday’s to watch this
  11. How is Carr a reasonable salary but Cam isnt?
  12. He's pushing hard for a new stadium, but I am not sure what he is going to do honestly. MLS is making him renovate BoA since he is using that for MLS. I expect some minor changes (tunnel in the center etc.) and would not be surprised if he does something to the BoA stadium for long term. I haven't heard anything about PSL's yet for the MLS team at BoA but he may do it to help with the new stadium. MLS is very serious about having stadiums built for their teams now, and not really using football stadiums for it. Unless he makes some amazing stadium that can change easily from football to soccer I can see him using BoA and upgrading it since its practically paid for already.
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