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  1. So does his 10 minute carry over to the next game or no? Pretty obvious he was just wanting to hit the guy
  2. Just tuned in, damn it what happened? I parked and it was 1-1 then within 30 seconds it is 2-1
  3. Yup. It’s was funny to hear for the last month “oh it’s good to see the attendance start to get better” the whole “bunch of jerks” is the epitome of what the league thinks about the hurricanes. Don’t know what they expect, it’s been 10 years since we’ve had a playoff game and 13 since our Stanley cup
  4. Can’t have a market like us again win a series when they have Ovechkin and they play in a bigger market
  5. “We are a bunch of jerks” I love it and hope the continue to embrace it next year too. I always liked the “bad guy” mentality in hockey
  6. Bingo Yup, it’s crazy how much home games help (cough panthers). The caps are rattled and frustrated and it shows. They are taking sloppy angles and stupid penalties. I just hope carolina hasn’t exhausted all their energy tonight and come out slow and flat Thursday
  7. Holy poo is the Charlotte Observer is becoming a poo hole for ads and a website
  8. Unfortunately I instantly knew the guy didn’t know what he was talking about by praying for Kony Ealy
  9. Lol at anyone who thinks Bruce is too old or won’t be good as a starter/rotational guy. Our best DE last year was almost 40. We signed him with the expectations of a rotation and we couldn’t even get good starter play and forced him to play more snaps than he should have. Irvin will be a good spark and good rotation for us. The fact it’s a 1 year deal means we are still probably going after a DE in the draft. I’m ok with a 1 year as it’s more of a “prove it” and if he doesn’t work out, then oh well. Also, Hoke was a terrible coach at Michigan, so much so he went from HC at a top 5 college program to a DC cord, then a DL, then DL for us. The defensive staff last year was a mess
  10. This ain’t 1999, Eugene isn’t and hasn’t played for a lonnngggg time
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