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  1. USMNT up 2-0 so far against Guyana
  2. Got it, so that makes more sense. It’s a one time payment for the PSL no matter how long you have them?
  3. Just want to make sure I understand this, because I’ve been super against the PSLs since I’ve been old enough to purchase them. First, if it wasn’t for the PSL system we wouldn’t have the Carolina Panthers. I get it, everyone gets it. I appreciate the concept in 1994 but in 2019 there is no reason for the system. They should have kept it for maybe the first 10 years to “profit” off the stadium. But let’s be honest, that stadium is and has been paid for easily at this point. You have to buy the PSL just to have the right to the ticket? So if the ticket is worth say $100, with 8 home games and 2 preseason games that you “must” purchase, that’s $1,000 if they don’t make the playoffs. The Panthers make money off the ticket alone. Then on top of that each year you are buying the “right” of the ticket for around $1,500. So no matter what unless you sell the tickets for almost 1.5x the value you are losing money just buying tickets. Just for the “rights” of that ticket.
  4. Anyone go/watch these guys? Worth getting invested in? Thinking about going to a game in two weeks. I watched them win the other day on ESPN+
  5. Oh I know, it’s comical that they try to play it off though. Last two times at the same time and area “oh there are some downed power lines we just have to wait for the all clear” Really? Same time between Charlotte and concord? I get it, they don’t have the infrastructure here or the money (or people) to build their own but it sucks as trains are a good source of transportation when they are operated properly
  6. Yeah it’s bad when kannapolis or Salisbury all have better stations than Charlotte. Charlottes is so extremely run down and old it’s embarrassing. The Raleigh station looks like a damn airport compared to clt
  7. Good luck getting there on time. I travel to Raleigh ever two weeks for work and tried using Amtrak due to the fact it’s the same cost as a rental except I can work while riding. Every time the trip was supposed to take 3 hours (when driving was 2 1/2), we would always “stop” due to “issues”. What was a 3 hour train ride is now a 4 hour train ride. I wouldn't take the train if I had to be some where on time if my life depended on it
  8. Pretty sure you can’t do much better than what they got their current land for from Charlotte
  9. Lol no he is doubling down “better be apologizes when it happens” and “noon pacific” now lol
  10. Panthers Mobile: Introducing Caroline Cann, new Panthers team reporter https://www.panthers.com/news/introducing-caroline-cann-new-panthers-team-reporter South Carolina grad (pushing for SC again eh?). Does that mean the other guy is gone now?
  11. It ever come out why he was fired?
  12. Our guys are just playing lazy. Dougie legit just let a guy skate in front of him to get a puck and tried at the last second to check him and almost lost his balance
  13. Yup it’s been their strength all year, and it shows in this series. We can say bullshit on a few penalties, but some of these are just dumb ones by us that lets them back in and win the game we lost our mojo with so much time off and our luck ran out
  14. It’s been a good run boys. I’ll still hold out hope in the 3rd but we only scored what, 4 or 5 goals the entire series, and need 3 at least to win tonight? We are just atrocious on PP both offensive and defensive. How many times have we seen just tonight them be short handed and still get better looks on goal than we do. I’ll still wear my bunch of jerks shirt with pride, but it’s probably over
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