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  1. Gotcha, you are/were a different time than me (not by much). I’ll be 32 this year and made the mistake of taking a private student loan out for CPCC and trying to take the “typical path” of not working/focusing on school. I hated it, was terrible at it and had bad habits form high school that carried over to college. Ended up staying a year in school and stopped going to focus on a retail job. Luckily I’ve stuck with the same company for almost 13 years now, they treat us very well and I’m a district manager that is making what I shouldn’t be making without that paper. I hope that this next generation realizes that you don’t need that paper or to go into such sufficient debt that you can’t get out of it 20 years later. My current employer offers me to go to school at Arizona State University for free online, but my grades are such poo from that first year of school that I would have to pay out of pocket for the first semester or two and then I can get in and they pay for it. I might do it since they pay for it, but any other way I won’t go back.
  2. Not to make light of any situation, and not to change the subject.... and I mean this in the nicest way, but why the hell would anyone go to school and rack up 180k(or anything sizeable debt over 30-40k) in student loans unless you are going into a field where you are set for life? I get it, out of state schools and some schools are fun, but to be in that amount of debt at 23 years old and not own anything except a piece of paper I don’t understand (this is coming from someone who only completed 1 years of CPCC)
  3. I think he played some mlb after he left us and signed with the rams maybe?
  4. I love Rucker, but I’d put CJ above Rucker. are we doing this based on skills or stats with the team? I love Davis but Dwill and JStew both I think could all swap with Davis (although Dwill has burned his bridges here) as said earlier, we’ve had stupid level of talent at the LB position. Dan could and should have been a HoF if it wasn’t for injuries, same for Beason. Jake is basically my QB growing up, but Steve was a pretty good QB too for a short time for us.
  5. Don’t even see how they can maintain internet articles currently. I tried to read a article of theirs and was instantly blocked
  6. I mean when have we ever signed big named FA and they worked out? With cam or without
  7. The difference was in 2010 you had a lame duck John fox vs a first year Hc
  8. Called it months ago. If cam gets traded the chargers will be where he goes
  9. It’s a small joint with no seating. It’s more of a walk up and take the food to go
  10. I live down the street from it legit pretty good. “All the way” is pretty good which is a burger, slaw, chili, mustard and they make the chili there. they are famous because of the good cheap walk up food, but also because they are active in the community (look up their donation to habitat to humanity) and was known in the neighborhood. Shame some one shot the brother over a robbery. They only take cash so someone knew they did and staked them out most likely
  11. Has nothing to do with mls don’t turn people against a team that is already strong in support without even a name it’s 100% for club suites and money for the football team. Soccer fans don’t sit in leather seats at ground level for mls games (except the same people who do at nfl games)
  12. How does it change anything? Honestly asking
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