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  1. Three things are either happening 1) injuries are piling up and his body is breaking down 2) scandal incoming or 3) going to play in his daddies league
  2. They must not remember the kid from the CFL where we had Olsen literally blocked the entire game to help him.
  3. I bet if you asked most PSL owners they are pissed they can’t sell their PSL and get back their return etc. it was pitched as an investment and something you can make money off of, and hell even look at this post a few pages back where someone was bitching they can’t get their money back they spent, but I agree it’s a money dump and gives you no advantage other than first dibs on certain seats
  4. It’s because people have realized the PSL is a rip off and stupid investment in terms of money return. Especially with a stadium coming in 3-4 years
  5. I agree to an extent. Owners are realizing that they need to make the stadium experience something amazing and different. In 2019 you are able to get a better view and picture on your tv, better audio, multiple camera angles, fantasy updates, food delivered from any where, and it costs less than 2 games for 2 tickets during the regular season (depending on the market and game). The next generation is so use to instant gratification, instant access, they know that the only reason people go to games now is for the experience of being with 72,000 fans at once. Sooner rather than later they have to differentiate themselves, rather that comes in live bets (nba, nhl), fans experience (comfort, WiFi, price, food, etc), or access they can’t get from home. I also knew about the surveys and those zones as I got an email for them and answered them. Honestly I thought of that as more of a gauge of what the fan will spend vs what he wants in the current stadium. I can’t see tepper addison standing zones, beer zones etc in the upper deck and eliminating those “25 year anniversary PSL’s” for only 3-4 years. They wouldn’t be selling those psl right now for dirt cheap if they were going to destroy those seats I paid a decent amount for tickets for the Thursday night game for my girlfriend and myself, but I also realize that I could have easily upgraded my home theatre system for the same price and had the comfort my home.
  6. More field level seating (Atlanta, Dallas) bigger club level seating, more “bars/club” areas, more club seats, better/bigger TVs, better audio, more seats, parking, flexibility for more indoor events (concerts etc), fan standing “rowdy sections” Like it or not the Panthers have the 10th oldest stadium, with 3-4 of those being historical buildings (Green Bay, LA Rams, Bears, New Orleans). Saints just announced major renovations to the Superdome.Outside of those it’s the chiefs, Oakland (leaving for new one), bills, Miami (recently redone) and jags are older. We are the 4th newest team in the league with the 10th oldest stadium.
  7. 6 years ago the city signed a deal to fund payments for escalators, video boards etc to keep the team in the city. You think the stadium was good then? I understand your salty about losing the PSL if and when the new stadium is built, but in 4-5 years when a new one is done the old stadium will be 30 years old. Technology has changed a ton not just in the last 5 years, but over that time span. Most people want comfort vs a seat. Why pay thousands of dollars when you can buy a 4K tv that shows you a better view than currently the stadium does for 1/4 the price? Owners now have to “wow” fans at a stadium experience and frankly BoA doesn’t have anything special to it or memorable for fans to go “wow that was amazing”
  8. Not going to lie, but that should have been a thought on your mind ten to fifteen years ago with psl’s. There’s a reason why the team is begging people to get them for the next 4 years before the stadium is going to be done
  9. Also I thought it was common knowledge the stadium or new stadium will be built in 4-5 years. There is a reason the panthers are offering this year “4 years of no interest on PSL purchases”. They don’t want to offer a longer deal as it will be longer than the current PSL for the old stadium
  10. Knew about this for a few months as a family member works in the industry that helped that company. She said “apparently the panthers are interested in the land since the company is moving” didnt want to post because I didn’t want to leak info or get her in trouble. But they’ve been looking for a few months
  11. Practice squad he was. As a tech fan it shocked me he was even on our roster for a while edit - my bad I got confused with Bucky Hodges
  12. Props to the equipment guys for making a turd sandwich out of poo, but more reason why we need out of that school for training camp.
  13. Star Kurt Coleman Captain Dean Marlowe Kelvin Benjamin (previously) Mike Tolbert (previously) Joe Webb (previously) Logan Thomas (previously) Travaris Cadet (previously) Derek Anderson (previously)
  14. What situations have you seen that? Honestly last year I barely saw anyone with the ball in their hands running except for Cam and Christian
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