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  1. theyre legit. i think Jimmy G is overrated though. Same QB as Goff basically, needs a good supporting cast and a QB whisperer like Shanahan/McVay
  2. my kool aid went out the door after the Super Bowl. i remember as bad as that game was going as long as we had the ball at the end down by 7 or less we were still going to win because Cam was just going to find a way like he did all year. after that game i stopped expecting wins and just worried about enjoying the game. it sounds weak, but when you get rid of expectations and just watch because youre a fan its alot more enjoyable
  3. taking Carruth's son is a super cool thing you guys did
  4. for once it feels like this team isnt willing to accept subpar play and isnt going to allow players that constantly make mistakes to stick around. its refreshing
  5. Theyre beating the NFC champs on the road. Love watching the Cowboys and Falcons implode though
  6. his team is playing on the other side of the atlantic and the doctors already made it clear they dont want him standing around on a field for 3 hours so we just expect him to sit around in charlotte for what is essentially an extended bye week?
  7. this...the guy writing the article is a moron. we are 3-2 because we had 2 stupid fumbles against the Rams and because Cam was playing on 1 foot against the Bucs. at no point have we played a game so far where we were simply outclassed or outtalented
  8. hes a douche. i liked him at OU but this offseason he went on every podcast, station, magazine and wanted all the smoke and was as outspoken and critical of others as he could be. as bad as hes been this year he deserves all the heat hes getting
  9. havent watched Zeke alot. Gurley is a shell of himself. not sure if his injury from last year is still lingering or what but hes not Todd Gurley anymore
  10. for all the talk about him being underrated or not respected because he's a white running back he sure seems to be universally respected by the league for being an elite player
  11. how many times have the Panthers had a huge lead in the second half, only for Rivera to take the air out of the ball on offense, go into a prevent on defense until the score gets tied and Cam has to lead a game winning drive?
  12. 2 wins against a Bucs team that finished with the worst record in the league 1 win against a Saints team that wasnt trying to win 1 win against the team with a rookie QB and coach that finished the year before with the worst record in the league 1 good win on the road against a good Houston team - lot of credit for that one cant draw any conclusions with this. a monkey could win at minimum 3 of those games
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