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  1. Who said anything about Cam? weve played 2 games against 2 good defenses. In both of those games our QB who really has one job which is dont turn the ball over made 2 horrible turnovers in games we otherwise could have won. Igo loves to make threads about Tre Boston or someone else sucking but when Teddy sucks he will blame everyone except him
  2. Jeremy is gonna die on the Teddy hill. You can at least be objective. Everyone knows the Bears have a great pass rush. You still have to protect the ball and make open throws. Thats literally Teddy’s only job. He failed on both when it mattered
  3. Dude stop no one is asking him to throw for 400 yards every week. His job is to hit open throws and not turn the ball over. He didnt do that today or in Tampa. Defense played well enough to win today
  4. Jeremy thinks his prime Brees but his bum ass blew the game twice on his last 2 throws
  5. This fanbase is pathetic. Limited capacity and still letting Bears fans takeover the stadium. Thanks for selling your tickets PSL owners!
  6. Bounced around from team to team? Huh hes played on one other team lol robby was a legit #1 on the jets he just had shitty QBs and the team sucked so no one noticed
  7. jokes on all of you im from arizona and they dont have fans
  8. Probably could have won the division this year with Cam
  9. who knows. but its depressing knowing that about 4 and a half years ago we were the envy of the league and appeared to be set for a decade competing for super bowls and now were the laughing stock
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