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  1. the only bad throw he really made was the INT, which Funch prolly ran the wrong route on
  2. KillaCamNewton

    Newton's longevity

    not sure why people dont understand this. he's not gonna get hurt while he is running because he can brace for the hit and run behind his pads. it's gonna be while he's in a throwing motion and gets hit in an awkward place like against the Steelers or from someone in the pocket falling on his knee
  3. Fox never had a season worse than 7-9 until the lame duck 2010 year that JR tanked for as maddening as his gameplan was we always had a great defense and we always competed. and that was without a true franchise QB. 02 he went from 1-15 to 7-9 with Rodney Pete. 03 we made the Super Bowl. 04 half the team was on IR and we still almost made the dance. 05 we might have won the Super Bowl if we didnt run out of gas in the playoffs with injuries. 06 sucked. 07 we were starting Vinny Testeverde and David Carr and still won 7 games. 08 we probably win the Super Bowl without Jake's meltdown. 09 we never had a chance the first half of the season with Jake. 2010, yeah id say Fox got way more out of his roster and had way more legitimate excuses than Ron does
  4. weve already spent the last decade being the Chargers. Do we wanna be the Ravens now?
  5. theyll probably win out now haha
  6. Cam is playing because even with a bum shoulder he gives us a better chance to win than Heineke. I think that's stupid because this season is already lost but thats really all it comes down to
  7. KillaCamNewton

    Nobody wants the NFC's 6th seed

    whats funny is that if we actually pull our heads out of our asses we could actually win a game in the playoffs. Trubisky is garbage. The Bears defense is legit but weve put up points against far better in the past with Cam
  8. KillaCamNewton

    Couple observations

    thats what blows my mind. yeah they got money but these are guys that mostly came from nothing, had to scratch and claw to get where theyre at and have these alpha dog personalities and are simply content with getting punked
  9. KillaCamNewton

    One thing that hits me pretty hard as a fan

    Im a die hard UNC bball fan and if i could give up 2 of the 3 titles weve won in my lifetime just for one Super Bowl I would do it no questions asked
  10. KillaCamNewton

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    Found a video of all the Saints fans at BoA on Monday C3D9D7B2-F0C8-4134-9D27-2C5F1624BB71.MOV
  11. KillaCamNewton

    Hate Week 2018 Pt. 1

    i got nothing for ya bro
  12. KillaCamNewton

    Marty Hurney FIRED....in 2012

    hes trolling you guys. JJ hasnt tweeted in an hour
  13. KillaCamNewton

    Current top head coaching prospects

    i think Harbaugh is a great coach. if Michigan gets rid of him they are idiots. you can talk all you want about him not beating ohio state but its hard to do that when youve been rebuilding a program and OSU is always one of the 5 most talented teams in the country
  14. KillaCamNewton

    SNF: Rams vs Bears

    The difference is the Bears rush the QB and play tight coverage. We do neither