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  1. Russell Wilson will never be able to carry a team like Cam did. lets discuss
  2. baseball isnt football. analytics will definitely help but the physical aspect of football is obviously way more important than in baseball. football is always lining up across another player and winning your matchup. all it takes is one guy getting his ass kicked continuously in his matchup and it can ruin the whole game for you. see Von Miller vs Mike Remmers in the Super Bowl
  3. and Bill Belichick has won 6 Super Bowls in less than 20 years and doesnt use them at all. The Browns have invested heavily into it as well too and they still suck. Having analytics play into our situational decisions isnt going to magically make our shitty OLine and shitty run defense better. not sure why some posters act like it's gonna magically make us a Super Bowl team.
  4. Over the last 9 years its been a constant wave of -mismanaging the clock -making horrible situational decisions -running our best player into the ground -throwing people under the bus -failing to make any adjustments -putting young players into the doghouse (Burns, Norman, etc) for making young player mistakes but letting the veterans suck week after week with no consequences -putting players into schemes that dont fit their skillsets why exactly is this guy so respected by our players? Is it that hes a former player? His dad’s military career? Help me understand
  5. Roman has made Jackson look like a cheat code and had Kaepernick looking really good his first and second year but i remember Niners fans hating him as much as we hated Shula. from what i remembered they liked the system but hated his play calling. Lamar does A LOT of stuff on the fly like Wilson
  6. You really think he couldnt put up 1000 yards if he was on the Chiefs? look up Steve Smiths stats in 2010 with the dogshit QBs we had and then look up his 2011 stats with Cam and try to say QB play doesnt play arguably the biggest factor in receiver production
  7. “Coming up next! Would Lavar Ball beat Michael Jordan in a game of one on one?”
  8. steelers won in Ben's 2nd season, Giants won in Eli's 4th season. Eagles won with Foles but Wentz on his rookie deal got them to 13-3.
  9. Ok, and then what? we probably do make the playoffs with Cam. Even then, what good does it do going 11-5 and getting a wild card just so we could go to San Francisco and watch Shanahan outscheme Ron down the field and watch our OLine fail to keep Cam on his feet? Cam masked a lot of ineptitude in this team and now that hes gone its all getting exposed. Maybe it was for the better because FINALLY something might change. For a franchise that loves complacency maybe this needed to happen. Cam carrying this team into the playoffs just to have no shot of winning a super bowl and getting killed on the road would have been the worst possible outcome for this season
  10. i thought it was moronic to bring back a guy that failed, spent several years on radio, and then came back but JR was a moron so it makes sense that being said, he's put PLENTY of talent on the field. our defense has 9 first round picks and no one that plays significant snaps is over 32 years old. Trai Turner has regressed but he still is good and Moton is a stud. Daryl Williams sucks but he was an all pro when he was healthy and no one could have expected such a drastic drop off in his play. Paradis too. he has a 1st round pick at receiver who is legitimately turning into a true #1 and Samuel has shown flashes too. he has arguably the best skill position player in the league at running back and a tight end who will be in Canton one day and is showing he still has plenty left in the tank. does anyone really think that even with Kyle Allen at QB a more modern and resourceful coaching staff wouldnt be able to consistently win with this roster? Hurney has done fine his second go around
  11. well thats moronic considering this is the first time he's ever missed any significant amount of time.
  12. we have 8 yes EIGHT first round picks on our defense not even including KK shaq luke butler burns irvin reid mccoy poe stop making excuses for Rivera - guy is a Sean Miller level underachiever with the talent he has
  13. his 2 losses are road games against the current 1st and 2nd seeds in the NFC lol.
  14. Of course we are! If he was a first round QB that we expended resources to acquire then yes a lot of his criticism would be warranted instead hes an UDFA that fell into our lap and is in a situation he has no business being in. when you consider those 2 things he has more than exceeded his worth
  15. Because this board thinks an UDFA project who was forced into his role due to injuries is supposed to play like the MVP, number 1 pick that he replaced.
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