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  1. As big of a Cam stan i am no need to be butthurt about this. Smith is top 10 for receivers in yards and catches and Luke and Pep are top 5 ever at their positions. Cam had the potential to be the GOAT QB but unfortunately Ron ran him into the ground. Not sure if he will even be remembered top 25 all time as a QB
  2. Imagine still using a bank for conforming or govy loans in 2020. I work in the industry, there have been some lenders requiring a 640 or above on FHA and in some cases 680 and that’s been a big deal because a few months ago you could get an FHA or VA as long as you were over 580. You can still get a 30 year conventional loan at a very good rate if your credit score is under 700 as long as you have a good debt to income ratio and more than 30% equity. If you do a 15 year conventional your credit score barely even affects your pricing/rate
  3. Do any fellow armchair GMs want to explain why front offices follow this strategy? At least in the first 3 rounds? to me the draft is the easiest way to plug holes in the roster without having to rely on the free agent market and the headache of either negotiating with the market or outbidding other teams i can understand the BPA route in the 3rd day of the draft, at that point you are just looking for hidden gems, in the first 3 rounds though there is plenty of talent to find instant starters the problem I have with the BPA strategy is that it doesnt improve your team as much if it doesnt fill a clear need, the other is I dont know how you can even clearly designate who is the BPA when there are about 30 different positions a player can play (yes I know there are only 22 players on the field I mean that there are several different types of running backs/receivers/linebackers/DBs/DLinemen) how can you determine who is the better player between a receiver and a linebacker? Can you definitively say Julio Jones is a better player than Von Miller? the argument I always see against picking “for need” is that when you do that you reach, but what is the proof in that? To me when you draft for need and the player doesnt pan out that simply means you picked the wrong player at that position - which comes down to the failure of the scouting dept/front office in how they evaluated players at that position. When players draft to fill a need and the player is a bust, typically there was a player drafted later at the same position who became a quality starter example - i see the Broncos drafting Paxton Lynch as an argument as to why you dont draft “for need.” Peyton had just retired and the Broncos were coming off a Super Bowl and had an elite defense with solid receivers and a solid OLine. The most obvious hole in the roster was QB and they took Lynch who was a bust. However, Dak Prescott and Jacoby Brissett were both picked later in the draft, and either of those two QBs would have been more than adequate to take over the position and kept the team contending for Super Bowls instead of creating the revolving door at QB they went through the next 4 years. So I always see that example as a team drafting for need and simply picking the wrong player at that position i always hear the Luke Kuechly argument as well as a support for why you always take the BPA. For one, linebacker wasnt exactly a sure thing when we picked Luke - our two best linebackers were coming off an achilles tear and the other his third straight year with an ACL tear. We also had obvious holes on the DLine in that draft as well as Safety and corner. Would anyone look back on 2012 now and regret us picking Chandler Jones, Fletcher Cox, Stephon Gilmore or Harrison Smith instead? Dave Gettleman was a staunch advocate of the BPA strategy, and by the end of the 2014 season it was clear we had an elite roster but had a few obvious holes, mainly on the OLine and secondary. In the first rounds in 2015 and 2016 we had great opportunities to fill these holes and field a complete roster, instead Gettleman took the “BPA” and both picks were at positions that were arguably the biggest strengths on the roster. Who knows how much longer we would have fielded a contending team if we had taken a Landon Collins or Donovan Smith instead of Shaq and a Michael Thomas or Xavien Howard instead of Butler just trying to create a discussion since who knows what is next now that the draft is over!
  4. Going back to my previous point, im not sure how you can even intelligently put a “big board” together when its almost impossible to subjectively rate one prospect as better than another when they play completely different positions. How can you argue than Joe Burrow is a better football player than Isaiah Simmons? You can argue either
  5. Ive never bought into the idea that you always draft BPA and not for need because that ends in you reaching. The point of the draft is to fill needs. The draft is filled with hundreds of talented players, there should never be an instance where there isnt a talented player that fills a need when you pick Gettleman was all about drafting BPA and it likely costed us a SuperBowl. We had glaring needs at tackle in 2015 and he took Shaq while we already had 2 All Pro linebackers. If we take a tackle there that is better than Remmers then Super Bowl 50 goes a lot differently. in 2016 we had huge holes at safety and corner and he took Butler when we already had Star and KK. He always took the BPA instead of drafting for need because he felt every player can be replaced down the road and you can plug any player in. In those 2 examples he had a great opportunity to fill a hole in the roster and instead he made 2 picks that did virtually nothing to improve the team the next year
  6. This is a coach that turned programs around with less heralded recruits. Which tells me he knows how to get the most out of players and put them in position to be successful. Im on board
  7. This draft has gone way too well for it to be Hurney making the calls this looks like its all Rhule
  8. do people on here watch football or just play Madden? if you get manhandled up front it doesnt matter if you have luke kuechly patrick willis ed reed and deion sanders back there they will all be neutralized. our secondary consisted of mike mitchell, quinton mikell, josh thomas and drayton florence in 2013 and the only defense better than ours was arguably the best ever the 2013 seahawks because we pushed the pocket and clogged the run lanes. if QBs cant step up in the pocket and teams arent getting 4 yards a rush any offense will struggle to move the ball against you even if you have JAGs in the secondary offense is definitely moving towards being dictated by skill players but defense always starts up front. its amazing that each team we fielded bottom feeder defenses and added elite linemen our defense became elite again (2001/peppers and jenkins, 2013/star and short) and people still wanna bitch about taking a menace d lineman at number 7 who most draft sites rated the 3rd best player in the entire draft
  9. we're paying him virtually the same money Cam would have costed this year. this is a fuging meltdown
  10. Big drive. 3 points and half the 3rd quarter gone. Need a stop here!
  11. Well since Graham is out we won't have Roman Harper covering him this time so that's a good start
  12. It's effortless for Cam at this point. Barely broke a sweat that drive
  13. Jesus cut Nortmans ass already. Thats high school level punting
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