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  1. I can attest to this. Luckily I got there early and into the stadium without any trouble but i went to get a beer after the first quarter and there was a huge bottleneck still at the gate because the scanners werent working
  2. Kyle Allen has played one regular season in his career against a team playing for nothing and people on this board act like we have Jimmy Garroppolo level trade bait lmao
  3. god you are such a puss lmao. im not gonna follow another team A. because i have zero issues with Tepper and Reid and because B. even if i did have a problem i'm not a snowflake who would let something small like that make me not support them. i have zero issues with what Reid or Kaep were doing, my issue is with small minded people like you thinking the owners are racist slave owners for making decisions they feel are best for their investment and business. whether you agree or not, when you spend a billion dollars for a team you have every right to make those decisions
  4. the small caveat youre forgetting to acknowledge is that when you pay a billion dollars for a franchise you are allowed to call the shots. kaepernick is an employee, the owner has every right to tell him how he wants him to conduct his business. if Kaep doesnt like it he can work elsewhere. that goes for literally every other job in America
  5. the idea that jay-z, or anyone else for that matter, needs colin kaepernicks approval for anything is hilarious. i fully support the message kaep was trying to send, and you cant deny it has brought awareness and made way more players involved. that being said, i am so over everyone trying to pretend he's jackie robinson or muhammad ali. kaep was in the league for 4 years and mysteriously didnt have any issue with police brutality or racism until the week he got benched. he knew his career was fading and did something bold and controversial to stay relevant - its crazy how this doesnt get talked about more i think the biggest reason he isnt on a team is because as you can see, his movement has polarized everything. if youre a white player and dont support him youre a racist or insensitive and if youre a black player and dont wanna kneel or talk about race youre a sellout (Cam said something similar in 2016 and got roasted for it) Now apparently performing in the Super Bowl or working with the NFL makes you a sellout too - Gladys Knight got ridiculed for performing the opening in the Super Bowl in her home town for gods sake
  6. it's doable. the cardinals have the field on a roller platform so that they can roll it outside so the grass can get sunlight and proper irrigation
  7. How a Top 5 receiver of all time in his prime can get traded for 2 mid round picks in 20 tweets
  8. Armanti Edwards has damn near had back to back 1000 yd seasons in the CFL lol
  9. just download the app and use his account info..make your life a whole lot easier
  10. im sure he's gonna enjoy watching it from the sidelines while hes out with an injury
  11. not even close. and like someone else said, Tyreek Hill might not be a "complete" receiver but he has way more of an impact on a game than Thomas does
  12. he's not even top 5 lmao. take your homer glasses off. his system and playing with Brees inflates his stats. he's not better than AB, Odell, Hopkins, Julio or Davante Adams. You can even argue Tyreek Hill or Evans are better too
  13. Be careful with Allen guys. He has clear talent - he was the Number 1 player in the country in high school - but he’s shown to be prone to starting off hot somewhere and then falling on his face. Happened at A&M and Houston. Of course i want him to do well, i just think basing your opinions of him off one game against a team going through the motions is premature -someone who lived in AZ and followed his career after high school
  14. Which is even funnier because he was dickriding him all of 2015
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