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  1. Lmao what? They were congratulating a local player. They play up the Steph Curry connection all the time. A player from the area who also went to a school in the area. How is this any different? Theyre trying to bring pride to the region and show support. Its not different from them shouting out all the North and South Carolina college basketball teams that make the NCAA tournament.
  2. you're not hearing me. i'm asking what this guy is gonna do to further evaluate players past the traditional "analytics" approach that you need high level MIT degrees in statistics and mathematics for. i'm fully on board with us doing this, anything beats the Rivera approach of just putting washed up veteran players on the field or the Gettleman approach of dumpster diving for cheap plug and play players. im just intrigued and wondering what theyre gonna have him do
  3. you're talking about basic statistics. anyone can watch film for a few hours and track the things you listed How much success does the opposing team have running to the right or the left. They run right 61% of the time gaining over 5 yards 82% of the time. That means we should focus our attention at right side A gap and keep an extra defender close to the line on running downs. The opposing corner has been on a hot streak lately only allowing 7% of the passing being thrown his way to be completed with 15% of passes being intercepted. He plays the left side of the field 92% of the time so we should put our #1 on the right side to create a mismatch and increase the rate of completions by taking him out of the game. The opposing offense leads the league in plays over 25 yards at 3 per game. We should play more zone against this offense and keep the ball in front of us to prevent big plays. i'm not an MIT graduate in statistics and could provide all of that info. to me "analytics" means high level algorithms that you can develop to determine a player's worth/impact without having to watch hours and hours of film. in baseball they have the wins above replacement metric and in basketball john hollinger developed the PER (player efficiency rating). my only question was how do you develop metrics like this from a football standpoint when there are so many more variables than in basketball or football. of course stats and analytics matter. my question was what are they going to try to do that they need the help of an MIT graduate for? to me that sounds like they are trying to develop high level equations to determine the most efficient way to use the salary cap and evaluate players
  4. of course its huge in prep. no disagreement there. i was under the impression they were hiring him to provide analytics directly related to individual scouting of players. which i was curious to see how that would work. the stuff you mentioned are regular parts of film breakdown that a quality control analyst would be able to provide data on. i think my skepticism comes from PFF providing individual advanced analytics on players and everyone on here always shitting on it. lol
  5. i havent done any. thats why i'm genuinely asking how much goes into it and what they truly evaluate. im not dogging the approach im asking for someone to explain to me how you can use it in ways MLB and NBA teams use it.
  6. i worded it weird but you get what i mean. i just feel like any stats/analytics can be misleading. i look at it like completion percentage. a QB can throw a shitty pass but if the defender slips or theres broken coverage it can still lead to a completion. just like a QB can throw one right on the money and it can bounce off the chest of Devin Funchess or the DB could make an insane play on the ball. just feel like theres way more variables involved in football than any other sport
  7. i guess i like the approach - but in all honesty this isnt baseball or basketball. i'm not sure how much analytics can really TRULY help with football. everything is relative and focused on beating the man in front of you https://twitter.com/Panthers/status/1141710467821461504
  8. Not the most Panther related - but he played for us for like 2 seasons and it’s the offseason so fug it. With all the talk you see today about selfish players and guys being divas I think this guy deserves some praise. have the most random memory of a game I went to at Arizona in 2009 (whole season was blur because it was such a letdown) all I can remember is some guy in a baseball cap and a tshirt being incredibly animated and incredibly encouraging after almost every play - whether we were on offense or defense. Someone would make a mistake and he was the first one to go over to them and talk with him. As the game went on I realized it was Josh McCown. Wasnt even dressed for the game, but you could tell how much he loved just being on the sideline and supporting his team. For whatever reason that memory has just always stuck with me even after 10 years. He wasnt just there to hold a clipboard and sit on the sidelines eating sunflower seeds, he genuinely was there to help his team any way he could. The guy bounced around to a new team to every year and never complained, just went out and made the best out of his situation. Even when he would come in for a few games and outplay the starter (Cutler and Jameis were a couple of them) he never created controversy and just went out and tried to help his team win games. Always thought that was cool. Congrats on a 17 year career McCown, they dont make guys that love the game like you do very often anymore
  9. Im a die hard UNC fan. Ive been lucky to be alive for the last 3 championships and even got to see the last 2 in person. I would honestly say id trade them all just to see Cam and Luke hoist a Lombardi. Dont kill me fellow Heels fans lol
  10. Im 25 years old. My dad took me to games during the inaugural season at Clemson and the family has had PSLs since the first season at Ericsson Stadium. The only game ive missed either on tv or in person in probably the last 10 years was a Thursday night game in 2012 against the Giants because i took my girlfriend to a Jason Aldean concert. My expectations have never been higher going into a season. For years we have surrounded Cam with CFL level at skill positions and refused to put a formidable offensive line in front of him. Looking at it now, we have an all pro level running back that can carry an offense himself, 2 young game breaker receivers, two solid possession receivers, a hall of famer at tight end, and ON PAPER the best OLine since at least 2013. Not only that but one of the best offensive minds ever calling the plays. On defense we added one of the best lineman of the decade to pair with another pro bowler, still have the best linebacker of the generation, added a stud pass rusher, and look to have 2 solid young corners to round out the secondary. We also got Rivera (who despite his short comings as a head coach is one of the best defensive minds ever) running the defense. I know the health of Cam and Olsen are two huge wildcards, but am I wrong to think this should be the best team, top to bottom, that weve ever fielded?
  11. Are Burns or Addison capable of covering anyone? Can’t imagine in a base 3-4 you are rushing 5 every play
  12. I get that safety isnt a priority for Ron’s system but it just annoys the hell out of me that no one in their right minds actually thinks you can put someone like Gaulden, Jones, Parms, Luke etc without getting absolutely exposed every game and especially by our division opponents with the QBs and receivers they have yet they wanna hype up these bums and actually pretend its acceptable to put them on the field. Im not asking us to sign Eric Berry or splurge on a FA, i just want them to actually look at the players they have right now and truly ask themselves if they are truly putting together the best secondary/defense/roster they can with the resources they have available to them. this happens every year with an area of weakness where this whole board can point it out months before the season start yet the FO does nothing about it and we watch that area of weakness bite us during the season.
  13. we lost a lot after 2013 but honestly he was the biggest loss. wasnt even a superstar player he just gave our defense a different edge. wish Gettleman wasnt such a cheap ass edit - sorry Gross was our biggest loss, the disaster of having Thomas Decoud and Roman Harper at safety wasnt nearly as bad as seeing Byron Bell and Nate Chandler at tackle
  14. Raising $100 million for one of the most ruthless diseases known to man is dumb? You must have tons of friends
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