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  1. Really? I thought it looked like ham or spam based on the color...
  2. This was the type of deal I was expecting for Bradberry. I'm not sure they can afford two deals at this price, even with the cap carry over.
  3. Only names I came across were the staff that had already signed up in Indy and stayed. Matt Eberflus was his DC pick. He might be an under the radar guy to consider.
  4. My main concern with McDaniels is whether or not he can build culture in the locker room and walk in and command the room. I look around the league and those who have sustained long term success have the ability to do that (Carrol, Belichick, Payton, Reid - I'll even throw Rivera in that group to an extent based on the reactions from former players). He was known as a control freak in Denver, possibly overcompensating for his age and trying to prove a point. I don't know if I want that type of personality in Carolina and I don't see that meshing well with Tepper. I've read that teams should have a checks and balances system in place if they were to hire McDaniels in order to avoid what happened in Denver. Perhaps a package deal with Caserio would solve that. Were there any names reported on who was joining his staff in Indy? It would be interesting if Patricia is let go in Detroit and his name is added to team up with McDaniels as DC.
  5. I'd pretty excited about the possibly of adding Caserio if it comes to that. This team needs a fresh look when it comes to personnel and I think he could set this team up for long term success and could navigate the cap more effectively. I've seen it referenced that the way we structure contracts is "archaic". I think any attempt at landing him would mean Hurney would need to be reassigned or let go all together. Even then, I think he still ends up in Houston with all his connections there. I'm less thrilled about the prospects of McDaniels. Ive had my concerns with him after his stint in Denver and after what he pulled with Indy. I dont think he is the offensive mastermind many have painted him to be, and this season in NE has been telling. Call me crazy, but I honestly wouldn't mind hiring a coach that had a lot of the same qualities we had in Rivera. I think its more important to nail down the proper supporting staff which played a large part of the downfall of Rivera in my opinion.
  6. Jonathan Jones said he had heard McCarthy when the subject of replacing Rivera was kicked around.
  7. How come you never mention Mike McCarthy? I could easily see Tepper going with a "Household Name"
  8. No thanks. Allen and Rudolph are the same level of talent in my opinion.
  9. Yup. During his time there he had DVOAs of 18, 5, 8 and 16. Then went to BUF and had DVOAs of 9 (Bills were 26th the year before) and was fired in week 2 of his second yr but the offense finished 10th in DVOA.
  10. Greg Roman would be interesting. He was the scapegoat in Buffalo and should have never been fired in my opinion. In his time between SF and BUF, his offense had a top 10 DVOA in 4 of the 6 years and that was with guys like Tyrod Taylor and Kaepernick. Add in what he is doing this season and ot just adds to the resume. One person I haven't seen mentioned much, if at all, is Mike McCarthy. I'm not saying I want him, but hes apparently been building a staff. He is also from Pittsburgh like Tepper....
  11. Only person I'd want from the Bills organization is Dan Morgan. He should be #1 on the list for GM if Hurney is canned
  12. I find it interesting that Kyle Allen, Josh Allen and Sam Darnold all train together in the off-season with Jordan Palmer and all 3 are towards the bottom of this metric and a number of others. Maybe its time to find a new trainer?
  13. In year two, I think Moore is at the same production level as Brandin Cooks, just less TDs. I'd say thats a pretty decent comp and hes still improving.
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