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  1. How different was his contract between what he signed for and what he had left here? I don't think it was that much. With all this interest how did Hurney not try to trade him for a late pick?
  2. That's a tough one. I'm going to lean Simmons. In a Phil Snow defense, his versatility may be needed.
  3. No surprise that it's listed by the real estate company Chip and Joanna Gaines own.
  4. 1. Simmons - I just love the versatility Simmons provides on defense. 2. Brown - Top 5 talent. There are some other DTs I like that probably won't last to us in the 2nd round, so might as well jump on one early. 3. Wills - He lined up at RT at Alabama which makes me question if he will be as good at LT as we have seen. However the kid is a beast in the trenches and would be well worth the pick even if he stays at RT. 4. Okudah - One of the best CBs to enter the draft in the last 10 years. I think he is gone before 7 which is why I have him knocked down a bit. Plus there are plenty of FA cornerbacks available so I don't necessarily see this as top priority early on. 5. Lamb - The best WR in the class in my opinion. His physicality puts him a notch above Juedy for me.
  5. I'd rather attack the defensive side than offense unless it's for a G or OT. I'd love to see Chris Jones in Carolina. He's only 25 and DT was an issue last season. Plus KK is already 31 and a FA in 2 years. With Jones likely out if our range, someone like D.J. Reader would be good to pair with KK. I think Kendall Fuller or Mackenzie Alexander would solve a lot of issues in the secondary by filling that slot CB role. Fuller can play FS as well. Both are big playmakers this defense has lacked. I think DE is a position that's not getting a lot of attention, especially if Snow leans with more of a base 4-3 Defense. Arik Armstead might be a guy to consider to line up opposite direction of Burns. Shaw Lawson could be a buy low candidate.
  6. I don't believe teams will be able to do post-June 1st cuts either, unless the CBA is extended beforehand
  7. Don't quote me on this, but there were some rumblings that teams might have to spend money they have this year and won't be able to carry over funds because of the CBA expiring after the season and the threat of a lockout.
  8. I'd go the route of keep one, sign/trade for one, draft one. This is actually a pretty decent TE draft class if you are looking for receiving TEs, not so much for traditional in-line TEs. I really like Hunter Bryant out of Washington as a receiving threat but he can't block to save his life. Cole Kmet from ND and Brycen Hopkins from Purdue might have the most to offer as the "full package" right now in terms of decent blocking and receiving. Adam Trautman from Dayton seems like the hot name right now. Athletically gifted but super raw at the TE position. FA wise - Give me Hunter Henry. He will probably be at the top of every teams list that has a TE need. He's a terrific blocker and we have seen what he can do in a passing game. Only concern is injury history with him. I've seen it speculated he might set the TE market, but I'm not so sure he will get high guarantees with the injury plagued seasons he's had. I think we can get him for about the same price we were paying Olsen. Outside of Hooper and Ebron, there isn't much there I like to fill a primary TE role. Maybe throw a dart at Tyler Eifert or Luke Willson. Levine Toilolo might be a good choice to replace Manhertz. Trade option - Dallas Goedert or OJ Howard. Not saying either of these guys are available, but they should be looked into. Goedert is burried behind Ertz in Philly and has 2 seasons left on his rookie deal. OJ Howard seems to have fallen out of favor in in Tampa. 1 year left on his deal and I don't see them picking up his 5th year option. Might be able to revive himself in Joe Brady's offense.
  9. I'm gonna go ahead and cross Burrow off my want list after seeing how Kyle Allen looked training with Jordan Palmer. He also trains Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. Not really guys who are out there lighting it up every Sunday...
  10. Might as well cut Poe, Wright, and Davis if you are trading Cam. Would get us to 70M in free cap space this year.
  11. I wonder why the Panthers logo was blurred out in the video? I've never seen it blurred out before..
  12. I can't see teams wanting to trade up to our spot at the moment. 3 QB needy teams are already in front of us. It might get interesting if, and this is a big if, Miami passes on a QB at 5 then maybe comes calling to package 18 and 26 to come back up and get their QB if Chargers don't take him. Could also start a bidding war with Raiders and Colts. But if Burrow, Tua and Herbert are all gone before us at 7, there is no reason to trade back. I'm only trading back for 2 1st rounders in this draft or a 1st and 2 2nd rounders.
  13. Jimmy Buffett coming to town! Uptown is going to be swarming with Parrotheads
  14. I'm on board for adding Thuney if we make a splash in FA. He's probably #1 on my list right now.
  15. I actually meant to purchase one. Anyone know how to?
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