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  1. No thanks. I'll take my chances in signing him this off-season rather then give up draft capital this season when most pundits have us locked into a top 5 pick.
  2. One thing I learned watching the Panthers live practice was the starters on defense wear the black jerseys. Was interesting to see TJ Green with black on...
  3. How is his career record only 22-12? Those numbers don't add up. Are they counting games where he's coming in half way through games?
  4. I'm really pulling for Omar Bayless to make the team.
  5. The city of Buffalo did this in 2014 with #OneBuffalo and its turned into a huge marketing campaign in the area. They just came out with an ice cream and beer with the same name. Would be awesome if #OneCarolina was able to have the same lasting effects.
  6. I can't wait to see Bridgewater try to throw a frozen rock. I'm expecting a heavy dose of Peterson and passes to McKinnon/Rudolph. Seattle is going to pound it with Michael and add in some rushing stuff for Lockett. Lockett will have a huge game I think
  7. In before the "Beckham Jr. Showed class post-game, fraternizing with members of the Panthers defense rather than running straight to the lockers"
  8. Panthers need to get a drive going.. can't keep giving the Colts a short field.
  9. Let me guess.. everyone drops dead when Funchess catches the ball for a 47 yard TD, but are all revived when he spikes the ball in celebration?
  10. Our defense might outscore the offense this week...
  11. Jonathan Jones ‏@jjones9 14s15 seconds agoPanthers will release TE Scott Simonson but hope to sign him to the practice squad. He got a lot of reps late in preseason
  12. Why is Joe Person getting the scoop on all these cuts? This never happens
  13. Breaking News: Goodell suspends Cam Newton 4 games conduct detrimental to the game.. At least this came out the same day as the Brady ruling. Skip Bayless is probably foaming at the mouth to say his piece
  14. Jerry Richardson is getting ready to cut Newton after this is
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