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  1. Exactly, and KB's production had to be redistributed across the remaining recievers/Olsen. In that environment, which would have been his best chance for most success, Brown only managed 447 yards. While I don't think he's necessarily a bad receiver, he possess average speed, no size and no explosiveness or ability to break tackles. I would rather roll with Benji and Funch as the starting two, Garrett as our 4 and Ginn at the 3 util we can find someone who is a younger more ideal slot. If you have that 5th spot, I rather it go to Hill who has elite speed/size and was once upon a time supposed to be the Jets #1 of the future. If he can be our 5, I think we're in good shape.
  2. Read my post before you try to argue a point. I said Funchess did not receive very many minutes until the end of the season. 7 of his 31 catches came in week 17. Brown started almost every game. You're arguing my point exactly, there are only so many passes to go around. Brown only had 447 yards when he was starting almost every game. If you put Benji on the field and increase Funchess' snaps, that's far fewer snaps for Brown and fewer times he will be targeted. He would have been lucky to break 100 yards, because Benji would have had close to 1,000, and those have to come from somewhere.
  3. True enough, he did have a couple big catches in the Super Bowl. But also true is he only had 447 yards last season while playing starter minutes. This was without Kelvin playing the entire season and with Funchess not seeing any minutes till the last few games. Would he have even broken 100 yards this season if Kelvin hadn't gotten hurt?
  4. If Hill can pull it together, we're going to have to make some tough decisions. I would be on board with keeping 6, Benji, Funchess, Hill, Byrd and Ginn and hopefully Garrett can be retained on the practice squad. I just don't think Philly is that good or brings much to the table, and neither does Bersin. The Broncos showed the game plan to beat us, and what we need is more speed/players that can't be single covered.
  5. Do not poo this away, we NEED a touchdown.
  6. Well so much for pinning them lol.
  7. Tolbert is one of the last people I would want to try and tackle, at least head on.
  8. Smith is not clutch at all anymore
  9. Mitchell needs a 5 year extension ASAP, dude is the playmaking safety we have really never had, and don't say Minter.
  10. NFL is paying off the refs, no doubt now, every call is against us.
  11. Lester is the man, all that hate saying he was "too stiff" to play in the NFL, and the guy just Moss'ed one of the best WR in the NFL for a pick.
  12. Oh lawd, giving them 1:30 to go against our secondary that's had like 4-5 injuries today....not good.