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  1. Absolutely incorrect and you know you are, you're just trying to speak in coach talk. You aren't a coach. You win this game, you make a statement to the entire league that this team isn't just for real, but is terrifying as an 8-0 team that just beat the Packers and now have a 2 game lead in the NFC. Also, this game has significant #1 playoff seed implications.
  2. I would say this is the most important "out of division" game that the Panthers have had since San Fran 2013.
  3. Cam Newton has become one hell of a passer. Hats off to the man, shutting the doubters up one game at a time
  4. Answer me this Cock fans: How is he out of the backfield? I can see from his stats Spurrier handed the ball off to him 22 times...is he an NFL option as a scatback?
  5. I don't like distractions in business either. Sorry if it's unpopular, and I know Greg is a terrific talent. But I don't like people that interrupt my status quo in my business life either. Regardless of a dismissal - the distraction created by the surroundings he made for himself are going to cause an old school NFL owner to get pissed.
  6. He said that YOUTH football is safer than riding a bike or skateboarding, not 6'5 240 lb men coliding with each other at sub-4.4 speeds. Read what he said.
  7. Here's the issue...if we put him on the trade block, what team would be stupid enough to trade for him knowing his contract is up next summer?
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