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  1. That was a very solid breakdown/timeline of events there.
  2. dpm0409

    Olsen owns Cowherd on Cam

    Yeah, I agree. By no means am I defending CC b/c like Bayless, he just spews BS that he doesn't even truly believe. This seemed fairly tame all things considered. Gotta love Greg though!
  3. Completely agree that having even a half competent defense come playoff time will be huge.
  4. I was thinking the exact same thing watching games yesterday on Sunday Ticket. Defense in most games seems to be completely optional! haha
  5. New ownership keeps getting better and better!
  6. Hey, they handed an NFC contender an L on Sunday, so I'll take that.
  7. That's a hilarious gif, haha
  8. Marshawn Lynch is the only rushing TD dot that's higher than Cam, right?
  9. dpm0409

    Top performers - game 3

    Guess we shouldn't be that surprised. Every year, the Huddle's biggest concerns during TC and preseason (O-Line this year) usually turn out okay and it's a completely different position group that is our Achilles heel. With all that being said, the O-line has been impressive through 3 games.
  10. dpm0409

    I see you DJ

    Came here to say this exact thing. Cam got the 1st and wanted the clock to keep running. Smart play. DJ's block was nice all the same though!
  11. Haha, it's definitely true. Trying to keep the game as safe as possible, I understand, but.....this new rule change is about as soft as it gets.
  12. Why wouldn't you want to see another game of CMC rushing for 180+ yds?? Especially when it results in a Panthers W?? Teams already are fully aware that CMC must be accounted for anytime he's on the field....if anything, we just made it even more difficult for teams on our upcoming schedule after his rushing performance yesterday. He's producing (other than TD's) and even though he's lacking TD's right now, he's being used as a decoy is almost just as good. I just think it comes down to each game plan/opponent being different. Take what the defense is giving you and stick with what's working. I see no issues here and am excited to see what CMC does the rest of the season!