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  1. Not saying I disagree at all, but Adams isn't @ 100% either is he? I know he came back from a 4 game absence last week, but I think he only had like 40 yards or so. Hoping he isn't all the way back to his normal level of production still.
  2. Nationally I'd have to go with Shaq and Bradberry. Both are beginning to get some recognition at that level (commentators showing some love during games) but still relative unknowns to fans of other teams. Would love to be able to re-sign them both!
  3. So if players have similar measurables, they're the exact same players, goodness Anyhow, just hang onto the football kid and I'll be happy
  4. hahaha, this caught me by surprise, well played sir, beer for that
  5. If you can do business paperwork while watching football and drowning in Capt Morgan, then I'd say that's a talent sir.
  6. Those are the reasons I generally stay away from these options. It's all good though, found a sports bar that opens @ 7 AM everyday and going to check it out there.
  7. Yep, I ended up in the exact same place when I was looking for info. Unfortunately, they are inaccurate b/c I talked with the NFL Sunday Ticket people and was informed it won't be available.
  8. See this was my concern. You know this for a fact that it won't be available on Sunday Ticket?
  9. Appreciate it, I'd assume it would be available on Sunday Ticket as well (at least I hope).
  10. Appreciate your useless advice, but already did that and thought I'd get some input from a message board....where people talk about the Panthers....
  11. Nope not local, any idea if Fox is carrying it nationally in addition to NFL Network?
  12. Does anyone have any idea if our game Sunday morning is being televised exclusively on NFL Network? Normally rely on Sunday Ticket to stream games, but wasn't sure if the London game would be on the Ticket or not?
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