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  1. Couldn't agree more with OP. Cooper has looked really good early on.
  2. How anyone can be extremely down on a rookie after only 2 or 3 games is beyond my comprehension...especially this year...although I shouldn't be surprised that some on here are, due to the position that Brown plays. Contributions don't always show on the stat sheet. Dude is going to be just fineee
  3. I'm not ready to say he's figured it all out in a difficult and unprecedented off-season, but I do think he took a long hard look in the mirror and realized if he wants to continue to play professional football, even in a career backup type of capacity, he's got to continue to grow and get better. The article that came out not that long ago was refreshing to hear. Admitted he sucked in his limited playing time last year, but the most important thing I took away from that article was the fact that it sounds like he's made a lot of progress on the mental side of the game. In other words, knowing how to prepare while knowing you aren't the QB1. I imagine that's difficult for a QB that's always been "the guy" on all his previous teams.
  4. - 60-70% completion rate - 225 yards - 2 TD's - hope not, but wouldn't be shocked to see 1 INT
  5. Valid points made regarding his height and weight. However, if a player is disciplined, mature, and they fully understand their role and how to play within the implemented scheme they can absolutely be successful. Especially a player with Donte's athleticism and speed. A good relationship with the coaching staff goes a long way as well....one of the things that I've heard Rhule, Snow, and Brady all say is, they intend to design the offense and defense to take full advantage of their players strengths. This is a breath of fresh air imo, instead of having a scheme that is too rigid and doesn't fit your personnel, but trying to force it to work anyway. Idk, maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I'd be surprised if Donte isn't much improved this year.
  6. So funny that someone else thought the exact same thing when they read that, ha
  7. I don't wanna hear jack $hit about the condition of the field, we're playing on the same field, right????
  8. I agree with you on Tolbert getting plenty of carries. I'm just hoping we blow them out like like we did ATL last week b/c if that happens, we will get to see a lot of CAP.
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