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  1. Last year a lot of people were upset at the idea of drafting a LT saying we had Williams and Moton. This year's the same only the name's are changed. You can't get a long term solution to the LT position in free agency because teams keep their good ones. You have to get one in the draft and you have to get one early like the Panthers did with Gross.
  2. the only real concern I have for this group is Pat Meyer
  3. I agree, the seats are going away regardless. I understand why they may be butthurt, but whining like a Saints fan in the playoffs isn't going to stop progress.
  4. Did you check Facebook as well? Lol
  5. Burrow was a 3 star recruit that couldn't beat out JT Barrett at OSU. He was only made to appear great by Joe Brady's system at LSU. He's 24 and doesn't have elite arm strength. If they trade up for this future "bust" it may doom the Panthers for years to come. Joe Brady is the real star of LSU.
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