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  1. It wasnt a physical, it was due to us having too many options at Rb for the 90.
  2. We should cut cam, Olsen, cmc, kuechly, shaq and paradis for not showing heart and playing in the preseason game. They dont care about this team! Surprised this hasn't been said based on the asinine poo i am reading.
  3. That’s a big deal... that’s your quarterback of your defense and his counter part. If you noticed the bills were picking apart the middle of the field..... as if they had a game plan....
  4. Last the last blurb I read on him. I wrote him off too early. That’s on me.
  5. The Ryan Finley who has been an absolute disaster in Cincinnati? https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/6/5/18654359/ryan-finley-struggling-in-bengals-otas
  6. We can use the exception. Name a team this year that can lose their starting qb and be okay..... outside pseudo starters like Keenum and manning
  7. Sure. Eagles were one of the few teams in the NFL over the last decade to carry two starting quarterbacks on their roster.
  8. Just gonna throw this out there.... every team’s season depends on their starting quarterbacks health. Not just ours.....
  9. It appears we are on the hunt for a big back... with the front office knowing it’s go big or go home... do you think we stay put, trade or wait for cuts? MMQB's Albert Breer reports the Panthers are trying to find a backup who can "ideally" take "a lot" of Christian McCaffrey's short-yardage and goal-line work. Last year, six of McCaffrey's seven rushing touchdowns came on runs inside the four-yard line, and 17.6-percent of his total carries came with less than three-yards to go. If the Panthers find a capable short-area back, that would somewhat limit McCaffrey's ceiling. But the good news is the Panthers backup backs (Jordan Scarlett, Reggie Bonnafon, and Cameron Artis-Payne) aren't exactly big threats. Not to mention McCaffrey's insane passing-game workload. While it's a situation worth monitoring, this likely amounts to close to nothing for McCaffrey's fantasy value. He still needs to be drafted within the first four picks. SOURCE: Albert Breer on Twitter
  10. The year's past have been better. This one seems like it was written by a whiny radical
  11. It's so bad I am not even trying to get it. I am instead saying "well that adjective doesnt work well there"
  12. The gambling line isnt Djax against Bradberry, its him vs the NFL. So Bradberry's ability to catch has nothing to do with it. Reality is that Bradberry will be lined up against the #1 and that means more balls will be thrown in Djax direction.
  13. That's not how this team is run. If you were able to watch all or nothing, it would give you an idea of how it is run. Family first approach. Players play for each other, and not consultants. On paper it may sound convenient and cheap, but in reality the impact of having veteran leadership is very evident. It's just like how businesses adopt a people culture. If people trust the place they work, you are more likely to get 100% from them consistently. When you work at places that are cut n dry, like say an insurance company or car dealership, its just about the money. That's why they have such high turnover.
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