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  1. Experts are predicting we will get a 2nd and 2 3rds or an additional 4th. he has value.
  2. we get addison back and signed horton. Cox played his most snaps all season last week... 11 on defense 5 on special teams. I dont think this is that big of a deal.
  3. part of me thinks we are doing this well bc we dont have KK. Snap counts are going up for others.
  4. Rental. Put in a claim. See what it does to the offense. I doubt teams that are lesser than us are going to put in a claim, maybe the raiders.
  5. Insider knowledge right here. LOL. Kidding. i can agree with a possible slump, but I just don’t see it happening. This roster is too hungry compared to years before.
  6. He is injured and was an emergency corner last night. They had two players go down in the secondary before Norman came in. the commentator clearly said that when Dunbar got hurt.
  7. its good to know who has been adding to the team if you care....
  8. So bring in an older oft injured cap hitting WR who is talking poo about his qb and team?
  9. Is that now 6 active WR receivers on the 53? moore samuel wright white Dortch zylstra been awhile since we’ve done that. You have to think norv has something up his sleeve. White is a burner, he may play a deep guy this weekend.
  10. I've already posted a thread on this topic in the past. Not butt hurt, just expected better from you on recognizing other regulars and their posts.
  11. Thanks for telling me something I already knew.... next time Ill use "eligible to return"
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