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  1. This couldn’t be any more wrong, and is such negative way of thought.
  2. Apologies if I came off tough, I was actually aiming to come off direct. Thinking the Durant injury was someone else’s fault is ignorant.
  3. She also said: “What I will say is the doctors said he was OK,” she said. “Kevin couldn’t have gone on his own to say he was going to play without the advisement of the doctors.” Meaning Durant made the decision. You are just trying to point fingers at other people for KD's decision. To be frank I would have done the same as KD. Its the Championship series and as an elite teammate you sacrifice for them just as they would for you. But go ahead and blame the warriors.... because that fits your narrative. All of your posts points fingers. It demonstrates weakness.
  4. The release angle of his throws in this video is off-right of his shoulder upon release (hybrid side arm), outside of the traditional snap release zone of which he is currently showing now. It will take time to tell if he will go back, most do. I will have to admit Cam is a different type of athlete, and those who are great and start to get older change their game and remained disciplined. His throwing mechanics have definitely changed, and as someone on the huddle stated: It looks tighter.
  5. This is dumb. KD played for his teammates. He went out bc he wanted to help his team. Not because someone pressured him. How weak of a person do you think KD is? Shame on you for portraying that KD is not a strong individual who cant make his own decisions. Just another example of an empty headed internet poster who has no idea what they are talking about. Also if you need validation, take a look at what Kd's mom said about the whole situation. It promotes the opposite of the idiocy you posted. Stop playing the victim card, its getting old.
  6. Let me take a crack at this: Opt in his player option deal for 31.5 million next year and focus on rehab. Apparently you didnt know it is his choice to leave and NOT the Warriors screwing him over.
  7. He really doesn't have much competition. I will say that on paper what he has done this second stint is all you could ask for of a good gm. Wouldn't be shocked if he got exec of the year this year if we make the playoffs and had a win or two there... One thing that you cant track on paper..... the fact that Hurney brought in good talent with good character. Last year we went from in the clouds to in the basement in a hurry, but that locker room did not fall apart, point fingers, or give up on each other. I think Hurney (and Rivera) deserves some credit there. That's a bigger deal than most think.
  8. the zip isnt there yet, but im sure he is pacing himself.
  9. haha, not even close. I would assume that as well. I work in financial consulting (surprise!) and the work I do falls under the strategy umbrella. Turns out right now with the big banks the big focus is products like banking apps (both internal consumer and external consumer), back office operations and applications as well as disruptor tech. I help point the decision makers in the right directions, and facilitate thought leadership.
  10. haha, I work in Product Strategy. So in way, yes. However, I have a problem with attention to detail and how i abuse it, LOL. I also love new shiny poo.
  11. Im referring to the jersey numbers, my apologies for not being specific. You can look at the 9's and 3's in the photos above. They are def different.
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