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  1. what? no. Every GM in the league knows whats going on here, and waiting for March as well. This is to control media, and show that Cam is a team player, further driving his value.
  2. its obvious what is going on. The team has told Cam that they will be trading him, but out of respect for the franchise have asked him to keep it on the low, and keep media at bay. Cam is being a good partner with the franchise, and knows that he is auditioning for his next team come march. The rest is our upper level management creating the proper attention for a trade bait.
  3. That's gonna fall on your coaching staff for not being able to get the best out of a player or keep him in line.
  4. What did his motivation have to do with this knee? They should of done surgery earlier and they didn't. Then he re-injured it. His knee was never the same.
  5. was this another thread? or are you saying you've done research about tepper's thought process compared to other owners.... id be very interested to see what you came up with. Just a heads up, there are now people on our staff we hired that is supposed to do internal scouting/consulting on our "habits" The Rams and Patriots brought this concept into the league and it is now being adopted by many teams league wide. So it's gonna be tough to predict what we are going to do considering this.
  6. QQ: Why does Hurney not get credit for Norman? If RR played him, it would have been more than "one season" (Ill argue that it wasnt just one season) and the Otah thing isnt Hurney's fault. When healthy Otah was a mauler. You can't predict injuries, and no GM should be held to that.
  7. Just to confirm I am following correctly, if it was a good pick and motivated by Norv (or a coach), then Hurney doesn't get credit, but if it was a bad pick motivated by a coach, Hurney takes the fall?
  8. So? Players are overpaid all the time, thanks to the strategy that Dak is currently pulling. It's most likely that dak will get 35-37 when this is all said and done.
  9. its an extension to his existing contract. So it would come out to around 38-40 million per season.
  10. If mahomes is expected to get a 200mil dollar contract for 6 years. I’d be doing what daK is and getting damn near close.
  11. not exactly the most convenient airport to get to, but yeah you's expect better.
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