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  1. I think i walked past your lemonade stand the other day dude! jk. Welcome to CLT, get ready to plan to move again next year.
  2. I host a free draft party at my place every year. I don't think I do good enough marketing though because no one shows up....
  3. The Bills are interested in everything and everyone. The moment we should start to worry that they have an inside guy is when they install bojangles and OMB at their stadium.
  4. so this is the gm's fault? If you can depend on a good employee, then you depend on that employee. So if Kuechly has a bad year, is it Hurney's fault?
  5. You will be able to see that during the season. Right now it’s all anticipatory and estimation. Enjoy what you can while you can.
  6. We should acknowledge that the brothers in New England worked out tho.
  7. every third comment in this thread is @Mr. Scot - therefore I'm out. Good luck arguing with yourself bud.
  8. signing him would be a different take on us signing a veteran for the secondary.
  9. Best qb ever under 6 feet is actually worth it. So yes.
  10. After his first contract with the browns he got a huge pay day with the jags. He was a top 5 safety with the browns. He has experienced some injuries over the last two seasons, but still a strong performer. The jags cut him bc it was an easy decision to make, they immediately get back 6 mil. Jags were in win now mode - so they threw a lot of cash at players and now they are in "get back to winning" mode. So that calls for money to pay a big deal QB likes foles. So yesterday they cut some weight. TG being one of them. I think we should bring him in @ weddle money
  11. Did Reid not just set the safety market value? Also, Weddle just set the floor at 6.25mil for safeties... so it appears you are incorrect about Safety pay being down. Last year was an anomaly A defense needs a rangy FS while the SS takes the tight end out of the game. What answer are you looking for? I just went back and read our back and forth, and man you ate your words more than once. I've determined that you are stuck in a way that I do not agree with. At this point let's just move on.
  12. I’m sorry man, but I’m not following what you are saying. So we will just agree to disagree. I can’t give you this year’s safety numbers because they haven’t happened yet considering free agency hasnt started. However, I will tell you this last year is the only year that safety numbers were down.
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