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  1. TheCasillas

    Can you imagine?

    The run a single read system in KC, plus they have an abundance of weapons. Norv has been introducing some single read over the last couple of weeks, and I think we will continue as the season progresses. I expect a lot of it against Baltimore.
  2. M. Kalil over Clark. No question about it. Not even going to try to argue this one. I am excited MK is coming back.
  3. smh... hint- SB: Chiefs v Panthers
  4. id like to see us beat 3 of those teams this year....
  5. not a single staff member of any NFL team would have elected to punt there. I really hope there isnt a single person on this forum that thinks we would have punted. Thats just ignorance.
  6. I was having the discussion with my fiend yesterday. I would love to see side by side footage of Poe and Star with KK. Just to compare what they do differently. To see if it is 100% Poe, or if KK is underperforming and creating less opportunity.
  7. Im confused.... so the defense didn’t save our asss with clutch performance in the 4th?
  8. For playing not to lose after the team took a 17-0 lead.... sound familiar?
  9. Norv draws up great misdirection for Samuel.Defense makes back to back stops. Torrey Smith makes an awesome gain on a 4th down play. yah, it’s just cam. He is our QB. He is supposed to do this.
  10. A competent OC would call quick throws to get his QB in sync.
  11. TheCasillas

    Give me a reason we win today

    Lots of usage of samuel and CJ today. Kuechly plays Chess with Wentz, and checkmate mid way through the third. Look for us to put the eagles defense on their heels with an aggressive air attack, setting up the run. WHAT?!
  12. The point is that it’s being stated that Samuel is not completely familiar with our offense, why risk that? also, as I have said before 2nd pick was on cam not Thomas.
  13. Then after he runs the wrong route and cam throws a pick, then blame who? Rivera?
  14. Rivera wouldn’t make that decision.....