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  1. I predict Byrd scores a long TD and makes the decision to keep him even harder. I am hoping for no injuries...
  2. Shermdog

    Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice

    It wasn't "Stephen Hill bad". Don't overreact just yet.
  3. Shermdog

    Smiling while whooping ass?

    This has serious photoshop potential!
  4. I think that is a fair punishment.
  5. Shermdog

    Panthers Draft Count Dooku

    Yeah, until you see his 25 second 40 yard dash.
  6. Shermdog

    Panthers Draft Count Dooku

    Didnt "Anni" totally kick his ass. I dont like this pick at all. Should have taken
  7. I totally agree with all of these. It would awesome to get two of these. Lately Bell is the guy I want to most since we could probably get him in the 3rd or 4th round.
  8. Crust is very important. I would say it is more important than the filling. The filling is always good but a good crust makes a pie great. If i had to assign a percentage I would say the crust is 65% and filling is 35%. Now I want some pie.