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  1. Pointy elbows, would not bang.
  2. McCoy might want to come here just to make the Bucs pay twice a year for cutting him!
  3. Probably. I have wishful thinking they release Smith to save money and sign a Safety .
  4. DJ Moore Curtis Samuel Jarius Wright Chris Hogan Terry Godwin
  5. This morning on WFNZ on the MaC Attack, Ron Rivera was being interviewed and said "to be honest, I wasn't as high on Kony Ealy as Dave Gettleman, but he said, Ron, this is your next Josh Norman. Ron thinks it is starting to click with Ealy and he believes he is poised to do great things next season." I thought it was interesting at how honest Ron was when talking about a player.
  6. Thanks Jeremy! These are all awesome! This is my new desktop background (replacing Thomas Davis) :)
  7. How many holding penalties have we gotten? 3 or 4? This year we have been really good and hardly gotten any at all. The Cowboys haven't gotten any. You know they have been holding like hell to stop our defense. These Refs are trying to screw us.
  8. "Run the BallProtect 12Don't have 12 throw 40+ timesRun the ballThis game has that SF 49ers feel to it when we beat Kapernick & Co. A top defense with a suspect offense. If the good Colts show up, we win this easily. Bad Colts show..... Pagano could be looking for a new job sooner than later " HHaha, WTF???? The Panthers are the top defense. You just think you are going to pound the rock against them? When have the Colts done that successfully this year? The Panthers have a suspect offense? Dude, they are number 1 in the NFL in rushing. I hope we pound them into the dirt on MNF. That neck beard QB is about to have some more problems to add to the injury report (or hide). Panthers win 24-13.
  9. The USS Benjamin Frankin SSBN640 and then the USS Simon Bolivar SSBN641. From 1990-1994!
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