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  1. Oops. I would say Reggie White was the best DE.
  2. Not according to your mom.............................................jk
  3. Louie

    Pixel 3 (Not the XL)

    I have had a Pixel XL one for two years now. It is just as fast now, as when I first got it. I have only used 20% of the storage and the battery easily still lasts all day. Plus, whenever there is an Android update, Google gets it the SAME DAY! No waiting for a year like Samsung. Zero bloatware on the Google phone also. I am probably going to get the new Pixel 3 XL, just because I want it, lol.
  4. Suck it 1-3 Failcons!!!!
  5. Colin Fuging Jones!!! Can't take the ball away!
  6. The defense harasses Matty Ice all day. Panthers win ugly, but a win is a win!
  7. Put a call in to Jordan Gross. Tell him he needs to get to eating and put back on a 100 lbs.
  8. This morning on WFNZ on the MaC Attack, Ron Rivera was being interviewed and said "to be honest, I wasn't as high on Kony Ealy as Dave Gettleman, but he said, Ron, this is your next Josh Norman. Ron thinks it is starting to click with Ealy and he believes he is poised to do great things next season." I thought it was interesting at how honest Ron was when talking about a player.
  9. Thanks Jeremy! These are all awesome! This is my new desktop background (replacing Thomas Davis) :)
  10. Louie

    Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    They are all so hot!
  11. How many holding penalties have we gotten? 3 or 4? This year we have been really good and hardly gotten any at all. The Cowboys haven't gotten any. You know they have been holding like hell to stop our defense. These Refs are trying to screw us.