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  1. I’m glad someone could get a look at Cameron Artis-Payne.
  2. More than double the dead cap money than the Miami Dolphins, which have 93 million in cap space vs. our 32 million! Wow! I don't see how we can even turn this around this year. This is a full on rebuild!
  3. Too bad Breeland’s foot injury was too serious to sign him.
  4. OT Thomas or DT Brown, without hesitation I want either one of those two guys. I think I prefer an OT, because we haven't had a cornerstone left OT since Jordan Gross retired.
  5. He probably would have came here, but they weren’t giving him final say on the roster. I guess Hurney is too good?
  6. I think I would draft Andrew Thomas OT from Georgia. IF Little is healthy enough to play, let him compete for the RT spot. Then sign a good veteran Guard, or draft one. If you have a good line, the weapons we have are much more effective. Also, our run game will be more effective because of better run blocking. perhaps, we could actually make a TD on the 1 yard line at the end of the game and win??? Games are won in the trenches and last year, both our lines were terrible!
  7. Well, he is making 70 million dollars, so he will be making as much, or more than many NFL players.
  8. Heck no! Bye!!! I hope Cam does well IF he leaves here, but I will still be a Panther fan, just like when Collins was released, as well as Buerlien and Delhomme.
  9. Me when I read Hurney signed Shaq Thompson before James Bradbury!
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