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  1. chubs2496

    The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Awwe look at all of u getting so defensive. Bless you're hearts. I understand people wanna talk about other teams. But this mainly a Carolina sports team forum. And this specific sun forum is for the charlotte hornets. If someone wants to go super in depth about the lakers they should go join a lakers forum. Before your panties get soaked calm down. My post wasn't 100 percent serious. So Michael Newton calm your tits
  2. chubs2496

    The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    It's a hornets forum. If u wanna talk about the lakers or nets or bulls in depth, Go join Los Angeles huddle or Chicago huddle this here is hornet country.
  3. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Gotta new max of 295 Benchinh yesterday. Tried to be a hard ass and go for 300 but that 5 pounds made a huge difference. Also getting 225 up pretty easy nowadays. I'm just gonna be a full time drunk tho. I lost 10 pounds from drinking 1 night. All this week I been looking leaner and lost weight. And I was eating shitty food too. Oh well. That's my main problem now. Remembering how to say no
  4. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Hell yeah. My bench is up to 280. Incline is 225. Lat pull downs 280. Feeling strong
  5. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    As far as my bench I kinda wanna increase my max and reps. I wanna be able to throw up 315 at least 5 times. My max 1 rep fro bench is 275 But I never max out. Its just weird seeing my buddy who's 5'8 and weighs 170 throw up 225 more than me. I really don't care or put stock in everyone else or how much weight I'm lifting but I feel as if I should be doing more. Squats don't hurt me knees. I've never had pain at all with them. I just have always taken it easy with them tho. I play basketball a lot and I have some clicking going on in my knees every now and then. So I just don't squat heavy. But I guarantee my squatting form is bad bc I'm long and I have to take a wider stance bc my long legs. My curling is alright I guess but I just need to work on it. I worked out with a guy who was about 40. He was like 5'7 but he was ripped and absolutely strong as hell. He couldn't have weighed over 160. The dude squats 315 no problem. And his deadlft is crazy. I watched it once and he had like 4-5 plates on each side. But anyways he talked to me about my biceps once. He was defineltly a character and seemed like a philosopher. He showed me a way to curl with 20lb dumbells. I kinda chuckled. He's like I'm serious. I tried it and it was the best bicep workout I've ever had. The dude knew his poo. Crazy thing is tho I knew he wasnt on roids. His physique was small he was just lean and strong as hell.
  6. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    I haven't been working out like I used to. Maybe something to do with my ex and I breaking up in may. In may I was 215-220(6ft3) and was lean and was eating great and just lifting like a maniac. My cardio was playing basketball. I was dunking like never before. I give the credit for that vertical to the 1000 lb toe ups I was doing. Every lift I was doing was ok and I was perfectly content with my body. Since may I lost my job and had the break up. I'm up to like 240 now. Believe it or not I'm actually still pretty lean and muscular. Just my belly has some extra jiggly fat lol. But it's just hard eating right and buying all my supplements when I'm broke and having a hard time finding a job. But I'm getting back into it pretty hard. But I've noticed on my bench press that I'm not as sting as others. I had a big chest but yet I could only do 225 about 6 times. I'm strong but I'm thinking it has something to do with me having a 6'8 wingspan(and i don't my cheats reps). Same thing with curling with biceps. I curl about 80 pounds but it feels terrible after the 5 or 6 rep. And I don't have back or knee problems but I have always taken it easy with squatting and dead lifting bc I don't wanna fug myself up. I usually dead lift 315 7-8 reps. I go heavier sometimes and do 405 for 5 reps. And squatting I just do 225 bc I'm not frigging my knees up. Just thought I'd see of anyone else with a long wingspan has problems with benching or curling
  7. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    I've lagged quite a bit. I'm weighing 233 now and still pretty swole to be just taking it easy. Trying to get my traps a lot bigger. Getting tired if shrugs. I'll do like 450 lbs on shrugs. Doesn't help. No matter how slow I go. If I go light then I can't feel it either. Decided to start doing plenty or Olympic lifts with a farmers walk mixed in. Starting to get them big now.
  8. He might know every defensive play in the book but that man has no business being on a football team. Lol Hell if he fell down he would help out more instead of getting pushed back 10 yards every time. Lord have mercy.
  9. I mean I swear one play I saw him get pushed back at least 7 yards almost immediately.
  10. Anybody been paying attention to fua getting blown up every play in that drive. God he's the worst player I've ever seen..... EVER
  11. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Have had a rough couple of months. We'll actually since may. I was at 220 and overall pretty muscular and nice and defined. I quit going to the gym and eating right bc if stuff going on in my life. While I have only went up a few pounds I can't tell a big difference in my body. Muscle is gone and fat now covers up my muscle. But good news is I'm starting back and will be getting back to being cut and big within a few months
  12. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Oh yeah forgot one thing nc biscuit. U mentioned u had rotator cuff surgery so imagine u want to build back strength and make it close to as good as before. I personally haven't had trouble with it but I've done some research on the rotator cuff and what excersizes u can do to gain strength and motIon range with it. There's a few videos and excersizes I've found where I lay flat on a bench and use dumbells and rotate your arms toward your chest. It's kinda hard to explain but I'm sure u can look it up. Idk of it actually has a name. But hope u get it back to where u want it bud
  13. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    That's pretty much how mine is. Just different muscle groups. I also take a day off in between and I try to do Atleast 30 minutes of walking inclined at a fast pace. 1: shoulders I give them a day of their own Bc I like focusing on all my excersizes and delts and what not. 2: legs I hate these as well but I tell myself I have too. I only work them out like 30 minutes tho. Do some leg press, calf raises, toe ups which is basically same as calf raises except using no weight. 3: chest and triceps 4 : back and biceps I don't really focus on my abs too much. I just do like a couple sets a week where I go to failure. Mainly Bc a lot of my other excersizes flex your abs like deadlift and bicep curls and so on. But yeah I try to play basketball 3-4 hours 3 times a week and still do some cardio like I said at the gym. But yeah the days I play ball I can tell it helps with weight loss. I also take one day a week to do plyometrics to help with my jumping and explosion. So I'm getting close to my goal of 225-230 lbs. I think with my physique and 6ft 3 frame I'll look good.
  14. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Well ive been stuck between 245-250. Considering I dropped like 30 lbs in 3 months I figured it would continue to drop off. But it's starting ti slowly drop. This morning I was 242 I'm doing a four day set with weight liftIng and that is working pretty good. Starting to see my delts and traps and upper body transform. Pretty damn happy about what's to come in the next 6 months.
  15. chubs2496

    Huddle Workout Warriors

    Appreciate the advice. Yeah everybody keeps telling me I cut my calories way too much. But like I said weight is falling off me. I've lost 10 lbs in like 4 days lol. I know it varies and fluctuates but it's been a steady decrease everyday. And as far as the dead lifts and squats. I've never really tried that and honestly seems a Lil intimidating. I mean I've did some cleans as pulls or whatever and pulled a muscle in my back Bc of wrong technique. So I just need to watch or stare at some folks. Yeah I'm losing weight like crazy but it doesn't seem tO be coming from my gut. I've heard Doing crunches dosent necessarily lose the gut but just builds muscle under the fat. But I am trying. Been running about a mile or 2 a day and playing basketball and stuff. So I'm on the right track I believe. But I always appreciate any tips and help I can get. Thanks Nc bis