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  1. Seemed to me Norv is trying to figure out a new rotation for the future which has all but excluded Funchess and basically got carried away with it in the second half and abandoned the run
  2. He can’t throw deep balls, his shoulder needs surgery and is a question mark going forward because of it. We need to draft a QB as a hedge
  3. FugginPoo

    Cam Arm Is Done

    He will have surgery, hopefully by Drew Bree’s doctor
  4. FugginPoo

    OK, who is getting poo canned?

    What’s odds he offers Norv HC ?
  5. Zero doubt, tons of talent and miss playoffs. Total midseason collapse
  6. Moore will end up the best here
  7. FugginPoo

    Norv play calling

    Last drive should’ve ended with 3 tries in end zone and then settle for a FG
  8. We would be up 14-0 if had smarter red zone play calling. the OL and CMC aren’t good enough for power runs inside the 10!!!
  9. Isn’t Ron 3 wins away from delivering the franchise first back to back winning seasons ?-