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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001107835/article/cynthia-frelund-2020-nfl-mock-draft-20-analyticsbased-picks?EC=85478091-8e09-461a-a023-b6b2b39a4690&[email protected]&mi_ecmp=NFL_Daily_Newsletter Basically, the Bengals take Chase Young and it changes everything. They could sign a Cam Newton and build that way. It then leaves Simmons for us. Not to shabby, but I thought the Bengals could possibly take Chase Young, who be a Clowney (#1) or Von Miller (#2) in drafts type difference for years to come, where a QB, no mater what is a chance.
  2. I would love Chase Young. Think we can get to #2? Doubt it.
  3. Yes well written and I am optimistic too. If you can see beyond the immediate moves, you see a culture change, which was needed. It does suck about Cam, but it only went down this way because of his health. A healthy Cam would be on the team this year and probably beyond. A good draft with the defense and who knows, with some spunk and determination we win some games or at least make some games exciting to watch and build a culture towards playing hard and winning going in 2021.
  4. Duh. But you need a captain who can play every down and play the run and pass. Luke was an overall 9th pick so the overall talent level coming out of college is top 10. Some have rated as the 3 rd or best overall talent. You need a general on defense like Luke was.
  5. Teddy is not Cam but he doesn't have to be. Be a solid QB who can win some games with good smart play at times. Be a great locker room influence and teammate. I went back and watch some tape from last year and he looks solid. A top 15 level QB. A great defense and weapons around him and yes we can win the SB. In 2015 Cam took us to the SB with no real weapons around him (Stew and Olsen at best) but because he had a great defense and Cam personally carried the offense on his back. With a good system in place, good talent to help share the burden, TB can take us there if, big IF, the defense takes the next steps and becomes great again. In saying that, the Panthers are establishing an offense to help carry the team while they completely rebuild the defense for the long haul. If we take 5 or more defensive picks, I would not be surprised. I see at least an OL guy somewhere. And if TB shows he can play and hold his own, expect him longer than 3 years, which is OK with me because that meant things are going good.
  6. Simmons, Okudah then Brown. All 3 gone, trade back. Simmons could be the closest we get to truly replacing (or just coming close) to replacing Luke.
  7. Can we just say that our team will be pretty competitive and should win a few games. They're putting some interesting pieces together. We probably won't make the playoffs but as long we show promise for 2021, everyone should be happy.
  8. But that's just it. I was only looking "logically and accurately" at a slice of the pie, not the whole pie. You're being a right fighter to prove your point but you over shot the post. I was only talking one thing, not about winning or having a winning season. It's like moving from another city that people know a lot about, but never lived there, but you did. You will know more about that city than others because you just came from there. Just that he probably had better insight into young guys about to be drafted than other coaches and teams. It's just that simple. And cool aide is made with water so I'm getting my H2O ;). In all seriousness, be safe out there.
  9. You missed the whole thing. Is it not a fact that he probably has more "closer" knowledge of college players than other teams and coaches because he played against, recruited or scouted them just a few months ago? I say a clear yes. That's all what I wrote. What he does with it, adjusting salaries had nothing to do with the negative crap you added. No offense, but when you're that negative about a "single positive statement", you probably have a bad outlook on everything.
  10. I don't think we ever because that will just cause a "he said-she" said gossip column that helps no one. It's something in the middle. Panthers were probably willing to take a 1 year chance and he wanted a little more commitment. I think the virus kind of made it worse as when they decided to move on, he couldn't properly find a team to check him out. I don't think there was a good way this was going to end. He was your icon and the team was moving in a new direction with new people. Sad no matter how you look at it.
  11. He was in the college ranks and probably knows more players and has deeper knowledge of them from either trying to recruit them, working with them or playing against them, than any current NFL coach. Brady and Snow and a few of his other coaches too just add to it. With the disadvantage all teams are under right now with the restrictions, we have in what I believe to be a big advantage to draft better "football" guys.
  12. I think this is the best approach. Take one of those 3 and if they all not available, drop down and get more picks.
  13. or maybe when other teams draft QBs, WR and OT's, in the 1st round, that will leave more Defensive guys for us to pick. They must feel that DC Snow can work with young kids with speed and size quickly. At least it's a strategy.
  14. If we act like we don't care about 2020 and we're all willing to support the team and let things develop, then don't worry. Let's get some picks, sign a few guys and see what the coaches do with them. They probably want to see what they got just as bad as the rest of us. We probably don't really know and can't see the future plans (as to players and scheme) just yet. I would bet Cam, RB Davis and a few others are still there for trades after the draft. Also, the longer this ban on activities stays in place, the harder it's gonna be for a team to trust a rookie to be their QB with no practice, if Cam passes a physical, he becomes more valuable to a team that maybe gives him a small extension (like adding a 2nd year). Things are so fluid, how can we even think to see or know how its gonna play out.
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