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  1. It's says not a single player who changed teams as a FA made the Pro Bowl as a starter. That means signing a FA doesn't guarantee he's going to play at a Pro Bowl level.
  2. musicman

    Draftek New Mock Updated 2/20

    I like the idea of getting FA DE Clark (worth 14mil). With the draft being so rich with talent, teams might not want to invest in him so I don't his deal would be outrageous. Then you can draft OT (1st rd), C, TE, FS, LB, RB & DT and fill out the roaster nice. I'm for eating Kalil's contract this year and keep him as the back up. I like WR Smith but 5 mil is needed. A long term deal with Shaq lowers his number.
  3. musicman

    Draftek New Mock Updated 2/20

    I don't like picking people but positions: I Think D-line usually takes a year to really contribute unless you're a top 5 pick. 1st - OT or DE (if one of the top 3 falls I can see it) 2nd - C, TE or FS - I don't see DE as I believe 10-12 will be off the board by this time. 3rd - DT, DE, C, LB, 3rd (I think we'll get a comp pick) - what ever wasn't pick already from that bunch. 4th or 5th - RB, LB, CB & another D-line I think we sign a A level FA pass rusher as our big signing. Experience to contribute right a way.
  4. musicman

    simple offseason plan

    I think we keep Kalil because we need a back up LT anyway. If we have to pay him anyway, might as well take the hit and keep him 1 more year.
  5. musicman

    Antonio Brown Asks out of Pitt

    We have 3 really good WR's and need the cap $$ for O-line and D-line. I can't see us doing this but you never know. If they go all in for 2019 maybe?
  6. We are not going to save any money cutting Kalil and it will cost us more money to sign a back up. Just keep him as a back up and cut next year. If he costed 1 mil to be a back up we would all love that. Since we can't save cutting him, keep him but ONLY as a back up. I would want Mayo and Love back as my priorities.
  7. Compare: A Large Company loses it's President and doesn't replace him. The Director of Operations (GM) is butting heads with the owner and starts making some moves that are being questioned if they really were the best moves for the company's future (letting J-No go, drafting 3 CBs, signing M Kalil, etc). You lose one of your top 3 managers who produced great numbers (Wilks) after losing another great manager the year before (McDermott). Keep in mind the company only has 3 top managers and a bunch of supervisors. Then the GM is fired right before the busy season (lets say if you are a manufacturing company) so you bring back someone who was trusted but fired for not doing a great job the 1st time. Then in the middle of your busy season the owner and company is turned upside down with scandal and now the owner is seeking and not really running the company. Who's left to run it all? The Operation manger (head coach) in the company with the new GM. So you now have in 2018, a new owner, new President, 3 new main managers and all new supervisors about to begin busy season when several important employees go down (Williams, Kalil, Cocktrell and one is out of medical leave - TD) but the assembly lines are cranking out product and then the wheels come up. The head mechanic who's job is to keep all the machines running is having health issues and it effects the whole manufacturing floor. Who's the head mechanic? Cam. It's a terrible year for the company as it has loses and it appears a bleak future from most stock holders (the fans). The future: The new owner reinvigorates the team with life, personality and business sense that no employee or stock holder has seen before from an owner or maybe any large corporation (NFL team). A Operations manager who has held it together but continues to evolve even though has won Operations manager of the year from running a fortune 500 company twice before. A head mechanic who is getting healthy and is determined to keep the machines running smooth. 3 managers who now have a year under their belt and have hired a few "experienced" supervisors to help them. Let's not forget about some of the new employees that have shown they can step up to the plate when needed and now have some experience in the company (CMC, Samuel, Moore, Thomas, A-jax, etc). And we still have one of the best Shipping/receiving clerks anybody has ever seen (so efficient and reliable) in Luke. Even the GM is better the 2nd time around, learning from past mistakes and using his experience to be a solid resource for the company. I think the future looks bright and I'm happy our operations manager (HC) had so much experience to steer the ship when the storm was happening. If he was let go (by the stock holders) another top company would have grabbed him in a heartbeat. Sometimes good old fashion values and practices are timeless and will stand the test of time and trends and a true leader adapts and learns form their mistakes. The new owner is breathing so much life back into the company it can not only get better, but remain sustainable. The Panthers are a business (and real people with real families) and we fans sometimes don't see the bigger, deeper picture. It's the easy way out to say get rid of the guy or I would do this. It was a perfect storm but now the ship has a clearer direction to the promise land and I see a deep playoff run this year and next year with hopefully one of them reaching the SB. I'm optimistic but realistic. Injuries can happen and people still have to perform but the path is clearer and the pieces are in place that if the machines run smooth, anything is possible.
  8. musicman

    Shane Ray??

    What's he worth? 7 mil a year for 2 or 3 years. I think he'll give us a break because we gave him one. If not, maybe Earl Thomas for 8 mil a year for 2 or 3 years. We need someone with great experience.
  9. musicman

    Shane Ray??

    I hope we draft a true FS and get Reid resigned. Based on this post I would want an experienced FA DE (maybe not Ray unless the price was right) as it takes a year or so to have an impact on the D-line. I would take a Dee Ford as our 1 big FA signing. Only a top 10 pick has better odds of contributing and making a real impact. Picking the 4th or 5th best might not give us a guy who will make a big difference in 2019.
  10. I think they should keep him as the back up and eat his money this year. You need a back up anyway and you're not going to find a better back up, otherwise they would be starting somewhere. Have some nice sized cap room next year.
  11. musicman

    M. Sweat D.E or J williams O.T

    All depends in we resign Williams the RT. If not, def OT. I'm not a fan of getting a DE with a mid 1st round pick as they probably won't be an impact player the 1st year. Most D-lineman need a year to really be impactful.
  12. I don't want a DE in the 1st round. Most D-lineman don't contribute big time in the 1st year and we need a 1st round impact player. I strongly believe they sign a top FA. Get one in the 3rd and develop/rotate in.
  13. Didn't Gettleman let Josh walk and then draft 3 CB's to cover it? And sign us Kalil to a good awful contract. I think both GM's did some good things and some bad things it's just people want to complain about something. The draft is a crap shoot. Injuries derail a team and player that once showed promise. A lot of this is luck to stay deathly and find a gem here and there.