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  1. If we survived all those injuries, didn't play our best and won 4 in a row and in reality could be 6-0. We should have beat the Rams and Bucs. The only game that was a real test was the Texans and maybe the Jags (but they're starting to fade). SF will be a test and I hope it's Allen at QB only to not throw Cam out against them his 1st game. Maybe he starts the Titans game as a step up to getting back in, not jumping into the fire in SF. We've got depth and guys are playing really good. Stay healthy and we could go deep into the playoffs.
  2. I love Cam and hope he's healthy and comes back and plays lights out. BUT, can you afford to keep him, CMC, Bradberry, Shaq, etc? And sign a few new guys. Tough decisions for the GM.
  3. As soon as he fumbled I said to my wife I would cut him. That's his 3rd fumble and he's not breaking any great runs.
  4. We are not going to trade for a #1 or #2 level WR. If anything we get someone as a 3rd to 4th WR to provide quality depth, if Hogan isn't coming back after 8 games on IR. Is Goodwin our former 7th round pick available? Ray Ray is scaring me anyway.
  5. Just like Hurney 2.0, this is RR 2.0. He's different, motivated behind a new owner and team direction for the future. I believe we go there and win. I also think they may wait until the Titans game to start Cam, less of a daunting defense and pressure for his 1st game back.
  6. Even if Little regains the starting LT position, having Daley back up all 4 spots (except C) is awesome and maybe gives us the chance to only carry 8 OL (including Larson and 1 more). I would rather have an extra DL to rotate. Overall, not a bad problem to have.
  7. Should we stay with him over Little? I didn't hear anything about him which may be a good thing.
  8. All we need to worry about is win the next game and get/stay healthy.
  9. I din't read every post but if Allen played every game like in Arizona, then yes leave him in. But a healthy Cam gives us another major weapon with experience for the playoffs. Gotta give him a shot. Now if it's with 2 or 3 games left in the season, then you might have to stay with Allen if he's still winning most games and not "losing"games.
  10. What is the deepest group in the draft? I would think OL or DL should be where we invest. I like them both, but Trai and KK are getting up there and injured.
  11. Love it! GVR is now one of favorites. Love the loose energy and good old school work ethic.
  12. Unless Cam comes back and leads us to the SB, I think they will go in a different direction and I hate that because I really like Cam. 2015 was so special. But, you can't afford to extend Luke, pay CMC, Samuel, Bradberry and Shaq and maybe sign a new guy or 2. And what about DJ Moore in 2 years? I think they take the money, Allen and Grier and role the dice with keeping the rest of the team in tack (if they remain healthy and play well).
  13. Igo is hired as the GM and promotes a TopCat as head Coach. At least we'll have a direction!
  14. I think the play he got beat was a designed quick 3 step drop and Kyle Allen didn't throw it and started drifting back and to his right directly into the DE whom Little pushed out and around, thinking the QB would step up to throw.
  15. and KK missed the last 2 games too.
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