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  1. Before the season, I said I only wanted to see a competitive team that plays hard all the time. I did not care about the record or what draft pick we got. The culture changes when you try to win even when you don't have all the talent to do so. We have shown that and the future looks bright. With no OTAs or preseason and all our turnover in players and coaches, this is remarkable to even be 3-3- and be in every game (no blow outs).
  2. I did. I was in the 123 section. Enjoyed it from a fans perspective.
  3. I can not work the game, which includes preseason and playoff games since the start of 2011. So I'll be watching/rooting as a 100% fan this week! I played Sweet Caroline at my event last night in advance of the win ;)
  4. Everybody in this forum needs to apologize to him. Everyone thought we should save cap space and cut him. That's what we are NOT the GM. He is a beast and I can only imagine when CMC comes back how effective that will be.
  5. A few things; 1, Brady is impressive and our offense is only going to get better. 2. I think he's with us 2 to 3 years, maybe longer as he has very little NFL experience. He might want to learn more from Rhule and show consistency to get a team that he wants, not just any offer. Plus he makes good money now. If a young OC fails he may not get a 2nd chance to be a HC. I don't think he leaves soon. 3. I think Brady and that similar concept to the Saints will make our defense better when we play the Saints. Practicing against a similar offense every week has to help.
  6. Mike, good to hear from you. It's DJ Vinny. Maybe we can catch up one day.
  7. A young team with new coaches, no preseason games or OTAs. I was hoping for a team that showed some promised but I knew they would make mistakes and be inconsistent. They fought back on both games, made some plays and you almost feel like they are getting closer but need more time. They don't give up and I like that. What did you expect?
  8. Try being there and hearing that. It was annoying.
  9. From what I see, the Panthers have done everything possible to make the stadium safe. The procedures are very strict. Shields everywhere, Marked signs, etc. I believe we'll get some by October or at least November. They even have kits for fans to help them be safe. When I go in now, it takes me so long to get to my booth, but I feel safe in what they are doing. I really feel when instant testing (15 minute turn around becomes available) that we can have more and more fans and that's not too far off. That's the only way they can almost guarantee no breakout from attending a game. That would quickly shut down the idea of fans attending the rest of the year.
  10. I know Kurt, very cool, down to earth and smart. I thought he did a great job with the practice fest. Knows the game, players respect him and like him. He's easy to take to or with. He'll do great and Mick and him would make a good one two punch. Happy for Kurt and Mick.
  11. It's gonna have a lot of positive points, so if your'e looking for negative or want to post some negatives, move on to the next post... 1. We are probably not going to the playoffs and if we did, we wouldn't go far. But in saying that, I really feel we will be very competitive this year. We'll lose some games for being inexperienced or stupid plays, but we will win some because of our determination and constant drive to compete under Coach Rhule. Games will be exciting, even the "downs" and watch them try to climb back from a mistake or digging themselves a hole. That is the #1 thing any football fan would want to see, is there team fighting hard the same way if losing 21-0 or up 21-0. It's fun to watch and root for them when it's like that. 2. The division is under so much pressure and none of it is on us (for a change). It will be very hard for TB to not crack a little under the pressure of having Tom Brady and company and not going 13-3. Every loss the pressure will mount, especially if in the beginning. The Saints, same thing. They are all in this year and any losses will start to unravel this team. The Falcons are just hanging on for their last ride before a complete overhaul. By next year or at least 2022, when we start really hitting our stride, they should be in rebuild mode or possibly cap hell. The future looks bright. 3. CMC is emerging as a leader. Mostly by example of how to prepare and play and take care of yourself to be ready to play, but he's also speaking up. After Rhule talked to the offense Friday during what he called a disappointing effort, CMC talked with the starting offense. Nobody can question him because he checks all the boxes. He's not a yeller or theatrical person, just real as the players just have to look at what he is doing. He's leading by example. That is huge. Add in that everyone likes Teddy and he's just being himself and not trying to replace Cam, knows the offense and is taking a leadership role by being the glue that brings the players together is awesome. With guys like Tre on the defense that is so young to put that "dog fight" into everyones spirit is just what this defense needs... attitude. I see a fun season no matter the record and I feel the future is very bright. Not 3 years away but as soon as next year we could be competing for the division. We just need Panther fans to root hard, stay loyal and keep showing support and you will be rewarded in the near future.
  12. To a degree, the Panthers play their own choices of music most times, even sometimes player requests too.
  13. Teddy looks off receivers really good. Noticed on a couple of throws he's looking at one receiver and throws to someone else (crossing). That will keep defenses second guessing. Cam had such a rocket arm he could still slip it in there but thats' what Tom Brady does really good was looking guys off.
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