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  1. I think if Olsen signs with anyone it's the Bills, because he knows them and they're a couple of players away from doing some damage in the playoffs. Seattle is too far for his family but would be the closest to win it all of those 3. Redskins are in a rebuild but ain't going anywhere in a year.
  2. I know and think highly of Tre as a person and a player. I think he's great for the city, the locker room and on the field. His stats prove he's worth a decent contract, $5/6 mil+ a year for a 3-4 year deal, maybe more but with them rebuilding probably not. If they don't resign Bradberry having stability in Reid and Tre will be nice and needed. I hope they sign him long term as he will not sign a 1 year deal again, this I do know.
  3. Until Free agency, no mock draft will be correct. If they get a great OL then they may not draft one in the 1st 2 or 3 rounds, same with any position.
  4. I really feel a DT or LB Simmons in the 1st unless they trade back. I'm starting to see that option in mock drafts. If they can get either top DT or LB Simmons and drop 2 or 3 spots that's a win win. I'd even take a mid 1st round pick to pick up another 2nd and 3rd or maybe a 1st next year with a 2nd this year. Next year, a couple of 1st round picks can be used to move all the way and grab Trevor Lawrence if need be. We may have to look at this year as setting up next year. They said we could be real bad to get good long term.
  5. We could always use an upgrade at LT but when they invested in a 2nd round pick (moved up to get) just last year and with Daley, I don't see it this year for the 1st round. Do they get one in the 2nd or 3rd, maybe. By Simmons or Brown unless they trade back little, which I really think is a possibility. They are not looking to be good next year. They want to be great a couple of years from now.
  6. I love ILB Simmons in the 1st round but wouldn't be disappointed with DT Brown either. From there it's a crap shoot, By a C/G and a S/DB to fill out the 1st 4 rounds. A TE too. I also think they might trade back and get a few extra high picks, we have a lot of needs and won't get many FA's to sign for a rebuild. Thats the Patriot way, get lots of picks and build.
  7. Unless they gave him 5 to 6 mil a year, he ain't going there. He probably will play for the Steelers, patriots or GB just for a chance at a ring.
  8. We are not taking an OT in the 1st or even 2nd round. I would bet the house on that.
  9. I see the Panthers trading don to the 10-12th pick, getting an extra 2nd and maybe 4th for doing it.
  10. IDK we'll spend big money on anybody in FA. Sign BB and CMC might be it.
  11. It depends all on the FA's we sign, but I say with confidence it's DT Brown, CB Okudah (only if we don't sign BB) or LB Simmons as our 1st pick. I think C/G in the 2nd.
  12. No matter who they draft, unless it's Simmons in the 1st round, he'll get a shot. UDFA have become superstars so you never know but it's always a long shot. Even he contributes and plays in rotation or something, that's good news.
  13. We don't need to spend a 1st round pick on a LT. We have 2 and a solid RT. Interior O-line to start (don't know if one is related 7) or DT or LB or maybe a CB (in we don't sign Bradberry) in the 1st round. PLEASE NO QB.
  14. I would actually trade back with the Jets or Raiders or Browns and get an extra 2nd and maybe 4th for it. The more picks the better and too many holes to fill. We are not going to the playoffs next year. Still get a top guy. I also think DL or OL is more important. We have some young LBers that we need to see what they can do, just like Shaq.
  15. Makes a lot of sense. Great win for Tepper and the Panthers.
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