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  1. What's your favorite music? I'll see if your song/band can be played while you're there. No joke!
  2. He's a very cool, smart, down to earth guy. He made the most of his opportunity and was clutch when needed. He just wasn't a #1 or #2 WR. I like the guy and the player. Not everybody is a superstar.
  3. Since you don't get a turn and have to send in a pick in advance and see where it falls, just put in a 4th or 5th round pick for the safety. I wouldn't go higher.
  4. I've watched a lot of replays of last year and more then the coaches, I saw several bad plays that cost us games (DJ fumbles to Funchess with the drops to bad coverages). With a few lucky bounces (catches or no fumbles) and we win 2 or even 3 more games last year. We still played pretty good "most of the time" during that losing streak but RR said it several times "we just had a few bad plays that probably cost them the game" and I believe that. Could Washington have done a better job as a DC? yeah, but with all those new 1st time coaches on his staff, he didn't have the support and we had some injuries that we just couldn't overcome (OL). With an owner that is giving them everything they need to be successful, this team, players and coaches can preform to the level they need to put a winning team on the field. I'm excited to see how far this goes.
  5. Good and accurate and pretty much what we all knew. It is exciting because it's just about a lot of potential things that if they fall right, this will be a great season. At least we have something to look forward to.
  6. If Cam's shoulder doesn't respond, if CMC gets hurt, if Luke goes down and the team fights like hell but only goes 8-8 and doesn't make the playoffs, is that worth firing him? I say no. He's a damn good coach and what someone said above, when he faces adversity, he responds well. He's won Coach of the Year twice. 2X. Are we gonna get another coach like that? Realize what we have. I like his demeanor and believe in him. Tepper, RR and Hurney 2.0 can and will produce a championship team. Hope it's this year but it will be soon.
  7. is the negativity and pessimists to slow it down and ALL panthers fans to rally behind the team. Here's why; We had a near perfect off-season with limited money and almost accomplished all our goals even with cap limitations, unlike some teams. We improved in almost every area (yes on paper) except maybe FS, but we have to wait and see and we can't expect everything. Hurney and Rivera deserve a lot of credit for what they did this year. If things falls right, with the lower expectations this team could and should sneak up on a lot of teams. Yes we have to stay healthy, new players have to learn a new system and guys on the lines have to gel. But if they do start to take shape then we have a team that will not only have a real good year but could go deep into the playoffs. The things Tepper and the new way the team is operating is going to bring more energy and excitement to games which needs the loyal fans to not sell their tickets to visiting fans, show up and be loud at the games. That's all that could be missing in a magical season. I also think this team is being built to stay competitive for years and that's another reason to be positive. I may be a homer but I see more positives. There's always gonna be a question or a concern, but every team has them. Let's give it a chance and that starts where fans can make the biggest difference, at games, being loud and give us home field advantage at BofA stadium. Let's try and do what the Roaring Riot does, promote energy and excitement from the fans in support of the team.
  8. Good article. Gives good reason for optimism this season and beyond.
  9. Sorry for the lame ass comment but it's not accurate. It's my job to know it all and all the people that come in there. I have been to Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, even NO, Baltimore, Tampa & NYG. I listen and get to tour behind the scenes and understand what and why they do what they do. If you've been to games you know the music is gradually changing over the last 7 years and now under new ownership, it's gonna get even better. I have even gotten player input when they would play what players wanted years ago. I was told to play Sweet Caroline since before I started, just like the TD song. If I had my way we would play "All I do is win". I made the intro loop because that is what they wanted and still wanted. But now, new rules so it's gonna be exciting. I DJ multiple events all over Charlotte and its very diverse. I've polled fans at games, had people text me requests and they are all over the place. EDM house is huge. Mash ups are in. 90's hip hop and early 2000's is the biggest request along some good 80's classic rock. What % IDK.
  10. Interesting post. The disturbed remix of Down with sickness was being played since 2012. It was made with extra drum loops to allow the Top Cats and percussion to play and dance along in rhythm. I know, I made the track. What people don't know for 2 years we play a different song for the players inside the tunnel when they come out of the locker room when the blue light comes on (Charles Johnson suggestion). The warm up music is designed for the players and usually has a lot of play requests. The game music is all over the place to cover all the different tastes of the fans as Charlotte is very diverse. Everything from Drake to Five Fingered Death Punch to country to 90's hip hop. Very little if any jock jams. We are actually rated by the NFL #3 in total entertainment (they have a rep at every game scoring every song and break through the game. In saying all this, this year everything is up for re-evaluation and I expect some changes in music and direction. Fans have a lot of input in music is why it's so diverse but I expect with new ownership to have more freedom to be exciting. People who give lam ass comments of outdated don't go to games and see the variety played. And it's loud sometimes to cover up the fans are not getting loud enough themselves and volume makes people get louder as well. Lets hope for a great season with loud fans and a energy filled stadium. New ownership is awesome and we should expect only good things moving forward.
  11. I agree. Quick pressure and tight coverage will disrupt most teams passing game. Love the direction. If it works, we're going deep in the playoffs.
  12. Agreed. Most teams would have crumbled under all the changes that happen to this organization (owner scandal, President leaving, GM fired, etc) all in one year. Riverboat Ron is a class act, one of the top coaches in the league and perfect for Carolina. And culture and chemistry is what separates teams as most players are equal or close in talent. Comfortable and pumped up goes a long way.
  13. Do you think they could be waiting for OTA's and maybe mini-cam to be finished to see what they got first? If they don't have a true FS on the roster I believe they could sign him or someone else. Boston will not be a vet minimum if we did. I think he grew up and played really good the 2 years away from us. I would like to see us sign him. Maybe they know of a guy who be cut later in preseason and are willing to wait it out. We can't get everybody we want.
  14. I posted about 2 weeks ago I would have liked to see us sign a good DT. This would be real good. Not only in case of injury but think of the rotation and how fresh they would be. Lots of guys that cab chase the QB. I like it. Push your chips to the middle and bet on the year. SB or bust.
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