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  1. I respect Cmc for his positivity..whether its for stats, the team, or both that he plays with such heart .. i gotta give him props for leading by example. Its sad to see how checked out much of this team has become. This team simply is not playing anywhere near their potential or talent. Even before Rons departure, this contagion of apathy could be glimpsed. I will not ditch on these sad sacks, as i refuse to be a fair weather fan, but its painful to watch. So thank you to players like Cmc, who deserve better. that keep pounding while being pounded. It gives me a reason to hang in, and to watch.. despite the obvious reasons not to.
  2. You can almost see the curse in action.. Perry on turnovers.. and right on cue, follows a turnover. Cant make this up..smh https://youtu.be/EeJxymUsOqo
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