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Found 1 result

  1. Was talking via PM to sagaciouspanther about stuff and we got to talking about working out. He said he may or may not need some motivation and I had been thinking about starting a new workout thread for those of you who do work out, or want to start working out... I've been lifting off and on since 1996... I got back into it seriously in about 2006 and last year after my rehab from shoulder surgery got REAL serious about it. So I wanted to start a thread where we could discuss it and get ideas. I'm currently trying to cut some fat with my workouts/supplements. I'm walking 30 minutes in the morning and doing cardio/lifting in the evenings after work. I'm off of creatine monohydrate for now, and I'm taking GNC's Ripped Vitapak and Cellucor C4 pre-workout, along with protein supplements during the day and after my evening workout. Two more weeks of that and I'm getting off the vitapak and back on some creatine, and I'll probably get some M5 pre-workout then. I've dropped from 6'0", 225 (which I had been at for some time) down to my current weight of 215 and haven't lost any muscle that I can tell. Strength seems to be about the same too... I don't do a lot of running because it irritates my knees. Would love to, just can't do it. What are you guys doing?
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