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Manziel Not Impressing

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Thanks for continuing to prove my point.


Riiiight :lol:


Let's be clear: I'm only bothering to respond here because I'm mildly amused.  Well that, and I wonder what Manziel is to you that you can become borderline irrational when people criticize him :wacko:


It's football dude, hence it's not something that stirs my emotions in simple discussion, but you talk about Manziel as if people disliking him is some kind of personal wounding to you.  Makes me wonder why it's such a huge deal in your head.  Only thing I can figure is maybe you're just a teenage kid so everything is more dramatic. Doesn't make much sense otherwise.


Who knows? :unsure:


And please don't give me some stupid response like "no, you're the one it's important to" because it's not.  Football talk is just fun for me, not life and death.  You on the other hand, take it waaaaayyyy too seriously.

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Irony upon irony :lol:

Really? How am I deflecting? This has always been about you and your bias towards a kid. Trying to call me a teenager and making this about why I'm making a big deal about this(which I'm not) is pure deflection and you have yet to add anything worth value to the argument. I'm not sure you really understand half the things you say.

Which is surprising because all you've been saying is

"Ha still clueless I see"

"Still don't get it"

Yet not explain what "it" is at all. Don't bother mentioning me again.

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Another way to put it:


Some QBs seem like they can grasp and really wrap themselves around the game...


It's one of those obvious things you see translated in how they look on the field and it looks like the game is wrapping this Manziel fellow instead.    



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Me thinks Johnny Football or Johnny Punk as I love to call him, will be a flop. Not just on the field but off it. Guy is so full of himself!

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Mr. Scot, your valiant efforts are to be commended, but there's no way of getting through to Coolin'. I gave up.


Had some time to kill :lol:


Manziel strikes me as what you'd get if you put Ryan Leaf's brain in Chad Pennington's body.


Yeah, it's possible he could succeed in the NFL.  Heck, it's possible the Raiders could win back to back Super Bowls in the next two years :blink:


I just have trouble seeing it :unsure:

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Mike Pettine really needs to let go of his confirmation bias. It's obvious this guy just does not like and appreciate Manziel the way he should. There's absolutely no way a guy they said from the get-go would be the starter could actually be named the starter.

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This is all about confirmation bias. If you like Johnny this doesn't bother you. If you didn't like him to begin with you are going to jump all over him for this and anything else that he does.

We love when guys show emotion except for when it's someone or some emotion we don't like. Give this guy a break. If you don't like him don't watch him.


i guess i'm jumping in on this late, but the reason your argument is flawed is because what's right and proper is defined by what everyone else does in a specific context, not the abstract nature of the thing. in other words, yes, flipping the middle finger is NBD in a vacuum. it's just a gesture. but normality and acceptability of an action is defined by what other people do, and in the NFL you won't see anybody flicking off the opposing team's bench, at least not in the flagrant manner manziel did. because of this greater context, manziel's behavior was deviant, and he got nailed for it, just like other players do when performing deviant actions on the field.


i can personally attest that arguing with mr scot is one of the most infuriating things anyone can possibly do, but i think he's right on this one.

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