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LVSL QF's: Charlotte Hornets vs. New York Knicks

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Negative Nancy!!



I'll be the first to defend Kemba when he is beating Wall, Irving, and Lillard down the stretch. I loved the pick and love that he embraced his role even through the tough times the franchise was going through. My post is looking past this season, when Cho really has alot of decisions to make once rookie deals start coming up for renewal. Kemba is one of those potentially big deals.


I'm simply wondering if we could possibly do better at that position, the most important on the floor. Who does this team build around? Is it Al? He's the most productive player in team history, but the roster as constructed doesn't really space the floor. Is it Kemba? He makes his living driving to the basket, but Al needs to be under the basket in order to operate.


That's really simplifying it, but one of the more fascinating aspects of the team next season will be how they function as a unit with the additions. There's no question there's tons of young talent there right now, but with Al, Kemba, MKG, Biyombo and the like having team options coming up and potential contract expirations on the horizon, I think it's fair to consider the future (albeit a bit early) beyond just this season if we are going to consider, as lindsey did, that "the rebuild is complete."

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Hornets sighting on SC Top Ten

- Hairston's tomahawk jam came in at #6.

- Rion Brown's impressive alley-oop came in at #4.

Does espn post the nightly top ten online?

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