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Panthers vs Seahawks

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I'm betting the Panthers lose again- same score too.

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Philly played great against their secondary that game, despite being hurt.

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And Cam was fuging amazing. Played significantly better against them than Rodgers, Peyton, and maybe even Brady despite having terrible WR and o-line compared to those QBs.

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    • I am a Cam fan, big time, but I do believe with all that transpired, it was time to move on. I only think they moved on because of Teddy being available, having Brady as the OC who knew Teddy and not knowing if Cam can return close to what he was. Also factoring in that if you sink a large sum of cap space to one player, then 4 to 5 guys can take up half your cap when you need to sign 53 players.  The past problems is not Rivera, not even Hurney but with Richardson. He ruled and ran the team/company. All moves are OK'd from the top, including over paying on a player. Gentlemen was the first to challenge that and start to do things different and helped get us close to winning a SB.  Everything Jourdan is saying is true as Cam is not injury prone, just had a couple of bad injuries. Heck, he was in a car crash, broke 2 bones in his back and only missed 1 game. He's a freaking machine. If we won the SB or even the 1st game in 2016 in Denver (which was bullshit the hits Cam took), this team and where it goes from there is different.  It was time, with a new staff and a system that's not entirely about a specific player, it's the next step to building a long term winner, year after year.  I really like and support the common sense approach Tepper is taking. He's been successful in business and has been around the football business side with the Steelers. He's spending money on the little things that help build consistency, like a practice dome, etc. In 2 years you will all be happily jumping on the train. 
    • I don’t get the feeling the Native American Nations are going to be on board with that however and will just cause a further poo storm. They need to run a P.R. Campaign with the Tribes across America and get their support for any change. Honestly, I know warriors is being thrown around a lot. But honestly the Washington Nations works in my opinion to appease and rectify the name sake while still giving homage to the people that was wronged.
    • The Redtails would be a fantastic way to not only change the name but credit the African American community for their accomplishments in WWII, they have a flyover plane already, and the large African American community in DC would love it. And it has nothing to do with the Native Americans who seem to just hate the Redskins for the most part.
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