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Carolina Huddle
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Jeremy Igo

Along the Sidelines - Texans at Panthers

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Beautiful was the look of fear on Ryan Mallett's face as KK is hunkering down on him.  Amazing is the SuperCam leap into the end zone…and priceless is Cam's beaming smile of joy once he landed on the ground.  His face was pure determination and carrying the weight of the team on his back…he's going to find a way to win, whatever it takes.  I love these photos and shall be gloating to some Texans family members that I have been harassing non-stop since the game ended this afternoon!!!  Thanks Jeremy!!!

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There was a shot on TV of a Panther with blood splattered ALL over his facemask.  The camera cut away real quick, so I didn't get a chance to notice who it was.  Was that Coleman?  Looked like something out of a splatter movie, literally looked like blood was sprayed all over his face. 

That second to last picture almost looks photoshopped heh, the jump shot.  Cam's posture looks like he's standing, but he's levitating like 3 or 4 feet off the ground.

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