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Jeremy Igo

Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

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    • We see what we want to see. The line is surely jelling but blitz pickups after the initial scheme call by the center is on  the QB once the center goes in his stance. One problem is that Cam is so.slow setting up and getting to the line he doesn't have time to change the play more than 1 time.  So when he sees the linebackers or safeties creeping up to the line he can't reset and change things. Iti is likely to be his personality but he never seems in a hurry. Plus did you see the unaccounted for blitzer come directly at Allen. Allen backup up but stood in and waited for Bonnafon to clear for a big gain. You can't turn your back or bail the other way, you throw where the man just vacated his zone and your receiver or guy out of the backfield should be open
    • 22 first downs 37 minute possession. No cause for concern here
    • question is why does he hang onto the  ball so long...nobody getting open?  thats usually the case....but i was unable to see where receivers were.... the line collapsed in under 2 seconds with him 6 yards deep in the shotgun and then dropping back another 5 yards....thats a shtty line if you ask me...
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