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    • But its not that black and white.  I tried to be boxed in by some as "anti bernie" which is far from the case (i am pro age caps though which would kill a lot of the top field which makes it irrelevant).  Bernie just released his housing plans which was after others did (something I do need time to digest).  He is WAY WAY in the forefront of M4A.  With this cycle we can actually see candidates press each other - marianne made sure reparations got on the main stage.  And like or not Warren brought up plans in the senate to deal with redlining months ago.  This is not a zero sum game - this early it should be about fleshing out programs which honestly IS happening.  We have plenty of time until the first primary to push this more.    
    • Blaming Hurney for a guy that really has no significant injury missing time for a pulled hamstring is dumb. Irvin has missed a total of 6 games in 7 seasons in his career going into this year. Burns has been great replacing him so I’m not too worried. Saw that Burns is like 7th in the league in QB pressure rate.
    • He appeared in all 16 games last year. He had actually appeared in all 16 games for three consecutive seasons and had only missed 6 total games in his 7 season career, 4 of those coming during his second season in the league. Not sure where this talk of Irvin being an injury prone player came from.
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