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CFB Shake Up

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So, who you got in your top four after this weekend? Not asking for final rankings, just now. 

1. Alabama, while I don't think they are the number one team in the country, and believe they will lose at least one before the playoff. (Could be hate or jealousy about them losing one prior to playoff...) Spoiler...

2. Clemson, defending national champs. Had a stumble against Syracuse, they do have their troubles on the offensive side of the ball. However, their defense can play and will not let any game get (too) out of hand. 

3. Miami, (yes, I know the game is not technically over, but....even Hellen Keller knows it's over), straight up dominated Notre Dame tonight. Has been playing better every week. Even enough to jump, an unimpressive Wisconsin, and one loss TCU and Oklahoma. 

4. Oklahoma, they beat (most likely will beat) TCU impressively. Nevertheless, they are not showing enough to not be jumped by Miami. Still have problems, not getting better as the season moves on. 

And on the bubble...

5. Auburn, playing great, I love a Gus Malzhan offense, fun to watch and they move the ball. They will (beat) give bama a true test two weeks from now. 

6. Georgia, I wasn't very high on them through the year, along with Notre Dame. But they can't fall too far. Can they?


What do you think?

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On 11/12/2017 at 12:33 AM, tiger7_88 said:

Being an Auburn fan and a Panthers fan, right now things are good and fun.

War damn eagle!!!!

It is a great time to be an Auburn fan, but then again, it is always a great time to be an Auburn fan.

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    • About Grier pick, I hated it but apparently they knew Cam is 50/50.  So they had to roll with whoever was available at QB after they grabbed the linemen which we had to get.
    • I think it’s a message. I don’t think he will play this year. Beyond that depends on what else happens. 
    • If he wasn’t presumed innocent he’d be in prison. The feds is much much different than state. They chose what they go after. Their lawyers are top notch. They have a 97%+ conviction rate. I have worked in both state and fed and can easily say I am willing to bet money he’ll be convicted. Feds are the best of the best and they never take on a case they can’t go through with. And no one is going to tell me to think someone is innocent just because they haven’t gone through trial. Everyone can have their opinion and should. He’ll just seeing his text is plenty to judge him off of. He’s a piece of poo who continually proves that fact action after action, so time to think for yourself and connect the dots.  It’s a shame people actually encourage other not to think for themselves. Not every found guilty by a court is guilty and not everyone found innocent is innocent, but keep letting these legal proceedings do the thinking for you.
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