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The Big Bartkowski

Falcons fans honest opinion

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Alright folks, I'm an old school Falcons Fan (since 73) and I really don't do this very often but I have the day off and I'm actually bored.  My falcons forum "falconsroost.com" basically disappeared midseason.  Its almost like the moderator passed away so I lost my venting outlet.  Regardless, here is the way I see things.  First off, I'm really impressed with the way the Panthers have been playing this season.  You guys really have that "IT" factor going and I think it starts with the defense.  You guys are postured for a big run in the playoffs.  It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Panthers beat the Falcons this weekend.  Its just been that kind of year for my birds this year.  Everything is a struggle and nothing comes easy and quite frankly we are snake bitten with untimely penalties, ridiculous turnovers and constantly shoot ourselves in the foot no matter who the competition is.  We are truly an enigma of misfortune this year and it is truly exhausting. Super bowl hangover...maybe.  A loss to the Panthers on Sunday would be a fitting end and then I could focus solely on my Dawgs! HOWEVER THERE IS A GLIMMER OF HOPE.

First off, this entire team is healthy and defense is better than last year.  I'm hoping that this Saints game woke the Falcons up.  If you didn't see the game, we were robbed from start to finish.  I'm not one to complain about penalties but this entire game was facilitated Pete Morelli and Quin and the Falcons seemed torqued with nothing but revenge on their mind, moving forward. Saints led the league with 31x PI or defensive holding call going into the game and posted ZERO on Sunday. 7x penalties for 70 yards midway through the second.  I think we are being set up with a trilogy with the Saints and this is exactly what this team and the league wants.  After watching these two teams play twice, I really like our chances and will leave it at that.  The first game, we got some calls but at the same time lost the turnover battle by 3 and still won.  Our defense is fast and built to stop the Saints and they cannot stop our offense consistently when we are clicking.  Of course we need the Rams to lose this week and the Saints to win in order for the 6 to play the 3.  Rams just announced that they are sitting some starters and you know the Niners are not messing around. Things falling into place. This leaves you matched up with the Rams which I feel is more favorable than another Dome matchup with Saints.  I Cam vs. Keenum too and think that would be an amazing defensive game in Minnesota.  Vikes defense is overrated and good offenses can move the ball on them.  We had that game too and shot ourselves in the foot.  I'll take Cam over Goff and Keenum when the season is on the line and just don't think Gurley can go off on the Panthers like he has been and Keenum hasn't seen pressure like the Panthers can bring.

Here is the catch 22 with the Panthers this week.  Rivera says that they are coming in to play 100% and people are acting surprised?  Im not, even if he did have a rest plan scheduled for certain individuals, why would he announce it.  Ultimately, he wants the Saints to have to work for their win too...why rest your players and allow the Saints to rest and get a bye too, if you might have to play them in 7 days? Secondly, even at full strength the Falcons are capable of beating you by double digits at home on Sunday or they could lose to Derick Anderson.  Truly an enigma of inconsistency and a schitzo team we are... who knows what we will get this week.  Our biggest problem with the Panthers is defending Cam Newton as a running threat.  Does Cam risk it as much in this game and take those big shots? I think this is the key.  If Cam is at all hesitant or plays it safe, I just don't see you guys getting the "W" this week, especially with the loss of Byrd last week.  You need balls to the wall Cam.  Good luck Panther fans.  If this is it for the Birds, then catch you next year.  Here's to a Falcons @ Panthers NFCCG in Charlotte this year!  Go Dawgs.

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