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Hobby Photographers?

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So while ago, I was asking for some lens advice as I've been bitten by the picture taking bug.  Is there an interest in talking about cameras, tips, etc?  Even rating each others photos?  Not like in the "post a pic" topic which has a huge variety of personal and funny internet things.

I have a "cool bro" story to start things.  I bought a refurb lens on amazon (55-250 STM, only $125, I'm broke), and it was delivered yesterday in the rain.  The shipping box was soaked, but luckily the interior box was dry!  But something was odd: it was a brand new lens, not a refurb.  So I lucked out on an amazon error and got a $300 lens for $125.

"Cool story bro," I know, but after having a crappy Monday, it was nice.  Also my first telephoto lens, so I'm looking forward to taking some cool pictures from it.

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I have a Nikon D3200 and a Tamron zoom, a relatively cheap setup since I basically only use it for football and tailgating.

Every year I try to get a little better and more thoughtful about how I take pictures but it's strictly a hobby, its a great way to meet and see everyone on the lot, and I enjoy it when I can get a good pic of a favorite player. Or Topcat.




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I will say, there are just some cool times when you nail the shot.  That is really satisfying to me.  Even if I get lost in the moment, when I bring it back to the computer, I can find some absolute gems.  Still working on my composition though.  I know that's where I really need to work for the next while.


I like how I somehow managed to get that little branch touching the full moon, looking like some kind of lolly pop or light bulb.


I did bring up the blues a bunch here, but I loved the way the clouds were rolling in.


And I can see why people get into portraits.  Shooting at 1.8 (2.8 on my crop sensor) didn't give me a ton of room for screw up my focus.  At least part of my dog is in focus...

I really enjoy finding good reason to take pictures.  I can't wait until the summer when I can really go searching for pretty things to photograph!

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