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Cary Kollins

Craven County GOP race shows the GOP’s best

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All around great people here.

”Scott Dacey is saying that my campaign has taken over $80,000 in “Soros based campaign contributions.” There is nothing to call this besides an outright lie. The $80,000 referenced were campaign contributions by average citizens directly to my campaign and the Soros reference is because the credit card process company used by my campaign, unbeknownst to me, is owned by Goerge Soros. So following that logic, if George Soros owned PayPal, anyone who used that service to contribute would have that money classified as a George Soros contribution. This is an insult to the good conservatives that donated to my campaign and to the intelligence of the voters of our area. 

Finally, to show the level that Scott Dacey will stoop to in order to get a vote, you have to look no further than his blatant deceit in having one of his own staffers donate $1 to my campaign through another George Soros company — so they could “truthfully” say that my campaign took money from this liberal. That’s right, this past Sunday, one of Scott Dacey’s own campaign strategists, named Ryan Kane, contributed $1 to my campaign using a George Soros website. This type of behavior sinks below the level of even the lowliest “Swamp Dwellers!”




So who is this GOP “strategist” Ryan Kane? Glad you asked. His Yelp review of Winston-Salem’s Mission Pizza and the restaurant’s response will give you some perspective:







TLDR version, GOP “strategist” and local yelp review douchbag Ryan Kane is a bad, terrible person not unlike who I’m sure is his role model Donald J Trump.

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Any time there's a Yelp reviewer with only one review, it's the competition trying to discredit the restaurant. Yelp is akin to Craigslist and Angie's List as far as being trustworthy.

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