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Trade up to 34 to select Devonte Graham

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17 minutes ago, 4Corners said:

LOFL @ the duke “fans” in this thread trashing Graham’s game and the pick. Admit it, because most of us already know, you are slandering him because KU ended your season. Another talented team in Durham failing to live up to expectations. In other news, the sky is blue. 

“I don’t like his game”

”he doesn’t have an nba type of game”

”he won’t translate well to pros”

”I’d rather have Malik Newman, Leagerald Vick, Amanda Hugnkiss, etc” 

when all of us know, if the results would have been flipped and UNC was in duke’s place against KU - y’all would be cheering the pick and calling it a “steal” and probably even be willing to run Kemba out of town because we drafted Graham. Sad!

Wolpfackers fans this applies to you too because 95% of y’all are in the closet duke fans based solely on the fact that duke can beat Carolina in basketball and UNC-Raleigh rarely does. 

I love the pick. He is going to compete for the backup PG immediately, and that fills a big need on this team. 

Did you ever think that maybe not everyone wears homer glasses when they evaluate pro prospects? That is probably a foreign concept to a state of NC ACC fan, I realize. This is a lot of mindless bickering over a second round draft pick.

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