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Awesome Craigslist Ad - for a TV

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For a smart TV, sounds like a huddler penned this gem:


Trying to "Netflix and Chill" with your tinder date but you don't have Netflix and let's be honest ... you're really not that Chill either. 

I have the solution for you!!! buy my Vizio M50 4K smart TV. Got this my senior year of college so I could play Mario cart with the boys on week nights and finger chicks on our family couch on weekends. Needless to say mission fugin accomplished thanks to this Mint condition TV.

Take your game to the next level and enjoy apps such as Hulu, Amazon TV and Netflix with the press of a button. And Don't worry, if you play your cards right, you may be pressing some lucky lady's (or dude's) fart button with your tongue later if you buy this sexy TV from me.

In the words of my late senile grandfather:
"Who the hell are you?? get the fug out of my house!!!"

That's what you're going to be saying to yourself in the mirror every night if you don't buy this Tv!

I know you're tired of squinting at your poo little 32 inch monitor while drinking a bro-tein shake and playing Destiny 2. Sell your body for ca$h and come take this damn TV out of my room.

-it's 50 inches 
-4K quality
-it's a smart TV
-yes you can hook your laptop up to it and watch any kind of "videos" you want to 
-super high refresh rate aka it's great for gaming.

-I won't have a TV anymore
-I have to meet you in person 

Won't take anything less than $400 for it. Also I'm not trying to drive to your apparment so I can see all the empty Mountain Dew and Doritos you have laying around so if you want this bad boy you gotta come down to the D-Block (Dilworth).

- Reed

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