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Generator question

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9 hours ago, cookinbrak said:

Thinking about getting a smallish generator. Does this seem like a decent one? Not trying to run my whole panel, just a few things if power goes out.


TBQH I'm not sure I'd trust a Walmart brand for a generator. It doesn't even look like it has a base line Briggs engine. The Amazon reviews for this brand aren't that great either.

3,600 Watts should be enough for what it sounds like you need. I'd look at other retailers and brands first, however. You may pay a little more, but it'll be worth the headache if you ever really really need the genny.

I've got a 6,000 Watt Briggs and Stratton that my wife got from Tractor Supply 5+ years ago (probably closer to 10.) New, I want to say it was around $900. It has saved us several times, though. We've lost power for 4 days during an ice storm. We've lost power during hurricanes, etc. The only issue I've had with mine is the carburetor needed replacing, but that will happen to any small engine if you don't drain the gas out regularly/clean the lines when it isn't in use. Other than that, it usually starts after the second or so pull.

If you can't find another cheaper brand with excellent reviews (even Harbor Freight is hit and miss it seems, I checked) I'd look for a used Honda on Craigslist. Honda genny's are pretty much top of the line. Sometimes people look to dump their old ones after getting a new one, and you can get a deal.


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Love my Honda. We've had problems with larger cheaper generators on the tailgate lot, they have fried our mixing panel and some other electronics as the power coming out was so dirty. Hondas have good clean AC production.

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I would buy a Honda if you can afford it but at least stay away from cheap Chinese carp if you want to avoid disappointment when you really need that generator.

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And depending on what all you hope to power, you may be able to get by with an inverter and a good deep cycle battery.  4500 watts also wont power a whole lot for long period of tim e and generators use a lot of gasoline and are annoying as hell to listen to for hours on end.  I ran a 5500 watt Coleman for 9 days after Fran.  It sucked big time and we still had no ac,lost all our food in the deep freeze and most of what was in the fridge.

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From what I hear people talk about at work...you are better off paying  more and getting a good one. Talk to someone knowledgeable and make sure the one you are considering will power what you need.  Also...generators need to to be used.  Do not let one sit too long without firing it up.

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