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Pretty cool segment. Apparently the Bengals are weak against the pass and strong against the run, which shouldn't be a problem for us if Norv calls a good game. 

I too was impressed how Bradberry was able to smother Julio. If he could do the same thing against AJ Green that would be great.

I'm thinking the Bengals are going to try to take CMCs short catching game out first and foremost after watching the tape of our last game. That and we haven't had a deep passing game in so long, they're going to have a lot of dudes waiting for either short passes or runs.

I think we will need 1 or 2 deep pass completions early on to get their defense out of the box and open up the stuff underneath.  If we just play to what they're expecting us to do anyway (Runs and dump offs) , we won't be able to keep up with them if it turns into a high flying scoring contest. 

Our D will probably perform a lot better at home after a terrible showing against Atlanta. The key with them is, I'm hoping they will generate much more pressure than last game. The Falcons have already shown the league the key to beating us is quick passes and perimeter runs that go away from the strength of our Defense (LBs and DTs). 

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