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Monk's Progress

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I know he is not starting yet, but he will be by end of season. He is playing very well now and I am so happy to see that he is getting better every day. What surprises me is how good of a passer he is. Someone like Monk has NEVER had to pass it before! lol That talent? Pass the ball? heck no....but he has learned that all the defenses are dropping off to help with him and their man is wide open.  I have seen so many assists he has made in the air to a wide open player. You are taught from YMCA ball not to leave your feet to pass, but in the NBA that is kinda a normal thing these days. But Monk looks totally natural at it like he knows where he is going with it before he gets in the air.  You know because you can tell when you are in mid air and say "Hey I might pass this ball" that is ugly.  

I am also impressed with his defense. I remember vs Miami with Dwayne Wade tried to get him in the air with three fakes and Monk didn't bite. Nothing surprised me more. Wade gave him his decent fake and he didn't bite so he gave a better one and even on the third he gave the best fake and Monk is right there! That tells me he has his fundamentals down and trusting them. Not saying he is going to be a stopper on d but it tells me he is listening to coaching and trying hard.  

I can't wait to see where he ends up.  



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