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1 free ticket Pelican founders club seat.

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3 hours ago, peteywheatstraw said:

The game is over now obviously,  but I'll keep you in mind next time I can't make it.


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19 hours ago, Mr. Nuts said:


Stop posting dumb ass posts wanting tickets for a game that already happened.  Also, take a remedial English class.  

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    • Darn you. Darn you straight to heck. I cannot darn you to heck any more strongly for what you're forcing me to point out. Someone literally just posted the other day a reminder thread of the greatest collapse and most epic comeback in the history of the Super Bowl. The qb at the helm for the winning team on the comeback side was Brady. If you are going to classify the qb who led the greatest comeback in the history of the most important game as a game manager and not a playmaker, I feel like the term loses all relevant meaning. I despise Brady but am forced to point out that if you don't call the qb who has that feat on his resume a playmaker, then realistically no one has the right to that term or the term is meaningless and you're assigning it arbitrarily. In particular I'm perplexed that you would put Rodgers on one list and Brady on the other. Aside from Rodgers greater mobility, what skill does he posses that Brady does not? Are you suggesting that being a playmaker is directly tied to athleticism that allows greater physical mobility and thus elusiveness that typical qb's do not possess? The presence of Manning on your playmaker list clearly says no, which leaves me scratching my head at the basis on which some qb's are on one list, some on the other. Either way, I'm highly mildly annoyed at you for forcing me to bring up Brady's comeback against Atlanta in the interest of intellectual honesty.
    • Oh my, that poor guy. No matter how lights out he has been playing, no matter how great he has been on the field, this is one of those moments when he's just like one of us: hurting and grieving. May God be with his family during their time of loss and through the tough days ahead.
    • He'd make a helluva WR and backup QB.
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