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    • No obviously you dont understand the terms of the words "discussion: I'm free to disagree with anything I dont agree with like anyone else. One can discuss alone.
    • i can certainly tell you that throwing that word around haphazardly because someone doesn't agree with you is stupid.  it lessens both its meaning and power.  and yeah i think extended periods of pain lead to depression.  i've lived it.   i've seen it.  andrew luck spelled it out pretty succinctly.  that's not racist.   that's a real life issue that cuts across all boundaries.  if you've never experienced it i really hope you never have to.   and its also not an opinion.   that cam has had to deal with some depression from pain and injury is an opinion, and i would guess its correct, having lived it.   i'm not staking my life or anything on being correct about that opinion, just that its likely.  i can only hope he is out of pain and able to throw pain free from here on out whether its in carolina or somewhere else.   
    • All of who? And where did say you were racist?  Wanting to win is what we all want. I was a Panthers fan before and will be after Cam. We just differ on me thinking he Is the reason we are inconsistent and losing. Winning is a team statistic I always believe. Cam is no more responsible for us not consistently winning as Allen is the reason we have gone 4-0 down his stretch.
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