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    • Wow, just wow.  Do you popular vote guys actually think Republicans could just go and change their platform so that it could possibly appeal to people who live in population centers?  And that it could actually be feasible because the Overton Window in the USA is well to the right as it stands and if they just dialed back the religio-fascist and racist bullshit and focused on fiscal issues and personal freedom it might work?  Just like that, go and join everyone else in the 21st century?  Must be fun living in fantasy land.
    • Bingo. Luck is a smart guy, finished his degree in Architectural Design. He has enough money to start his own business now.  Cam has many other ventures making him money outside of football and his philanthropic efforts are well reported. The time will come where he says enough is enough and I’m 100% sure that thought crossed his mind when he saw that Andrew Luck retired. Will Cam retire this season? Hell no. He’s not going to let his teammates down after prepping with them all offseason. Could he retire after this season or the next? Absolutely. Anyone who says otherwise is painfully naive or a blind homer.
    • You can look at this glass half empty of glass half full. Half empty. The o-line can't protect Cam and wasn't properly address in the off season like I wanted. Cam's body is breaking down, and we have poop backups. Greg's body is breaking down. We don't have a dominant DT like Kris Jenkins, and we don't have dominant DE like Peppers, so 4-3 won't be great. We don't have a dominant NT like Vince Wilfork, so 3-4 won't be great. Our secondary lacks a Josh Norman type DB who will make big play INTS and pass breakups. Our passing game might be spooky bad, like no complete deep passes for multi-game stretches. We face the Saints (SB contender), Falcons (solid team), and the much improved Bucs. Yikes. Half full. We have speed on offense, and speed kills. CMC's burst is nothing short of elite, and teams will have to scheme their defense to contain him. Moore and Samuel are play-makers, and add to that combo the intelligent and extremely talented Greg Olsen and you have enough weapons on offense to do well. Cam might just have a healthy season, and if he does, then the talent is there to win. The o-line just needs some time to gel as the season moves along, but the talent is in place. The d-line looks solid on paper, and our secondary should do better than last season with more pressure being applied from Burns and company.  I can be negative or positive.
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