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    • I'm sure Barrack Hussein Obama was backed by the Kenyan and many African governments, when he challenged the Clinton Machine (aka the DNC) to steal the nomination from the anointed Hillary. Do you even understand what you are saying? If ADOS doesn't even believe in themselves, why should they even try? You wanna know how many ADOS millionaires backed President Obama, when he ran for office in IL and nationally? How about LeBron? Kevin Johnson? Vince Carter? Magic Johnson? just to name a few millionaire ADOS basketball players? Cam Newton has more wealth can Cenk ... oh wait, Cenk is an immigrant ... and according to YC, he is "more citizen than ADOS". How about all the ADOS Rap artists  and Hollywood personalities ...etc. Yea ... ADOS doesn't have any money. Because Tone Talk and YC said so ... "according to the Data"... This is why I feel so sorry for the ADOS movement. It is already failing because it is led by clueless people.   And if Obama is too much for you, maybe you should look at the path of Sheila Lee and how she got where she is now. I know ADOS hates her, but instead of just criticizing her, what can you learn from how she got where she is? The other day, YC made the comment that immigrants are more citizens than ADOS. So, she has managed to convince people (like yourself) that a Haitian (or Jamaican), who risked his life fleeing his country, abandoned his family , arrived on American shores on a boat, doesn't even speak English has more "citizenship" than ADOS, who were born in American, went through High School (with White people) for free and has opportunities to get scholarships to go to college for free?  And of course, people like yourself believe the nonsense. Like I said ... the #ADOS comedy show on YC channel ... is just getting funnier and funnier ... I'm still waiting for #ADOS reparation candidates for any offices in the land ... You got any names yet?
    • I have two seats in 504.  I'm asking $4,000 each.  The Panthers are selling them at $5,000 per seat.  That's a $2,000 savings for the pair of PSLs, but can't get a bite.
    • The Panthers do not re-purchase or offer a buy back on PSLs, so if a PSL owner wants to sell those seats it's either they find a buyer themselves or go through the exchange.  Yes, the team still offers PSLs, but with the deals on the exchange, buying them through the team would not be wise.  Most PSL owners are just looking to make a little return off the original purchase, like myself, which is still a few grand less than what the organization is selling comparable seats for.   In other words, my PSLs are 15-years old this season, so why would I sell them for the amount I bought them at 15-years ago considering the organization is selling the same PSLs $4,500 more currently than I bought them for?  So if I'm asking less than the $4,500 per seat the team is asking, that should be a reasonable price...yet no bites.  Again, it seems buyers are looking for desperate folks offloading their PSLs.  I'm sure it happens, but it ain't EBay.
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