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    • Step one: bench Cam. Let him sit on the bench and either heal or find his fire again. It's obvious he's doing neither out on the field. If he neither heals nor gets back the mojo that made him Superman before, it's time to cut bait and move on. Step two: Make them put Kyle Allen in as the QB. Here's the chance to evaluate Rivera and the Turners without Cam either saving or harming them. We aren't asking for a real Jake Delhomme turn around, but let's see if they can coach out some wins without the superstar on the field. This will help determine where the problem is without any masking of the issues. Step three: Put Hurney on notice that he needs to inform some of these bigger name vet pick-ups that this is an employment deciding year for them based purely on their performance. Guys like Poe, McCoy, Reid, Irvin, Paradis need to step up and play like their reputations made us hope. So far they've either been meh or haven't even seen the field.  Step four: Be prepared to clean house at season end. There's a lot of good, young talent on this team and let's also not waste the remaining years of Luke by trying to chase 2015 all over again. Ron, the Turners, Washington, Newton, KK and others may have just reached the end of their shelf life and need to move on.  Step five: Look at retooling the scouting department. Changes in coaching and management don't matter if you still have the same talent evaluators providing guidance for draft days and free agency. 
    • Dammit, when the Panthers suck it trickles down to not even being interested in other games either. Like at this point our season is practically done, what difference does it make if Saints and Falcons won or lose?!
    • I'm no doctor, but I wonder if throwing right puts more strain on the shoulder than throwing left for a right handed quarterback. 
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