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Early bets on Super Bowl Miami halftime show

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I am getting old, so it is hard to even suggest someone that would draw in the younger crowd.

I vote we just go with an old timer.  I vote Bob Segar.  Who doesn't love at least one of his songs?  He is close to hanging it up too, let him go out with a bang.

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Throw in a Flo Rida, DJ Khaled, Enrique  appearance 

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7 minutes ago, ncfan said:


Throw in a Flo Rida, DJ Khaled, Enrique  appearance 

I can't take Khaled seriously after the Hot Ones incident.  That dude is next level stupid.

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    • It's not horrible to discuss. I think it's a good topic. My original post was criticizing stbugs for ridiculing people who are holding out hope that Gaulden might put it together this year. I have no problem with a healthy debate. It's still probably too early to say for sure we made the wrong decision. Sure it's looking that way but as others have said, Gaulden has had a steep learning curve. Let's at least give him another year before we conclude that it was a big mistake not trading up for Reid over Gaulden. Gaulden might prove to be a serviceable starter, or heck, Reid might make an all-pro team while Gaulden gets benched for Colin Jones and then we really f'ed up. I just think we have to give mid-round picks a couple years before we finalize the verdict. You're probably right, but I think if you're a Panthers fan, you're also hoping that you're wrong.
    • Maxed out???  We currently have almost 10 million in cap space and are about to add another 7+ million from the Kalil cut in a week.  By no means are we maxed out, or even cap strapped in the slightest. The issue isn't whether we have the money to sign him (we do), it's whether the team feels his value is worth the price it will take to get him.
    • Agree with all, and would just like to add that a new OC typically takes a year to get to know his pieces. The 2nd full season is usually when things open up.
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