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    • Panthers hit ignore on the playoffs years ago 
    • No way! If I did, I wouldn’t have no one to debate with then, would I? I can’t promise Falcons fans here would be safe though. LOLOL. If I’m made a mod, we can have a weekly deal where it’s like the dunk tank game at the carnival, but instead it’s “Insult the Saints Fan Mod with No Repercussions” game (within forum rules of course).  Plus, it’d stir up some web traffic for Igo, I bet he’d like that. I’ve counted to infinity... twice. Also, if you get me drunk enough, I’ll give you a tear jerking rendition of “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn. Really now? How’d it go? Well, I’m assuming? 1. I’m the most objective person here, change my mind. 2. I take extra long poos so that won’t be a problem. 3. Where is GeorgiaBoyz, I’ll ban his Falcon *** right now if they give me the hammer! 4. That’s easy, typically those screaming “racism!” the loudest are the most racist people you’ll ever meet. They’ll announce themselves, but like Whack-a-Mole, once goes down and another pops up somewhere else. 5. I guarantee one (1) atomic wedgie and one (1) super swirly to anyone caught bullying another poster. Additionally, the poster they’re bullying gets to pick the order and gets to flush the toilet. 6. You’ll find no pro- or anti-Cam Newton biasness here. You will, however, find a pro-Cam Jordan bias. 7. Nailed it. 8. Easy, I never go there anyway. If I wanted to argue with communists, I’d visit California. 9. No other sport I rather discuss, I would be on multiple teams’ forums if I didn’t. 10. I’m batting 1.000 with this one. So what’d I win? Did I do good? Tell me I did good. I have the full frontals ready to go and depending on where the jar is being inserted, I’m game. Also, while I don’t believe I’ve ever interacted with you before this, you’re my favorite mod solely due to the Patrice O’Neal avatar. Damn, I miss him.
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