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Mr. Scot

The Draft may have just gotten interesting

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12 hours ago, MCCNASTY said:

Murray=RG3.  Too small to play the way he does in the NFL. And definitely not behind our Oline.


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Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that the Oakland A’s remain determined to sign Murray to a baseball contract. Rosenthal also explains that the A’s have the power to offer Murray a baseball contract over and above his now-forfeited $4.66 million signing bonus, unlimited by the constraints of the NFL’s rookie wage scale.

This means that, as a practical matter, the NFL team that drafts Murray could find itself in a bidding war that it can’t win, because its bids will be restricted to whatever the NFL’s CBA allows for whatever spot Murray is selected in.

Sure, Murray says he’s playing football. Per Rosenthal, the A’s believe the statement posted on Murray’s Twitter account was written by agent Erik Burkhardt as a first step in persuading the NFL powers-that-be that Murray won’t pull a Bo Jackson, who opted for baseball after the Bucs made him the first overall pick in the 1986 draft. While it’s unlikely that Murray would scoff at becoming the first overall pick, there’s surely a floor below which his commitment to football will begin to wane.


Sorry A's, he's just not that into you. 

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Honestly he would be a fool to turn baseball down. He would be much more likely to have a long healthy lucrative career playing baseball than take a chance on being a one year RG knee,..

I don’t know how good of a baseball player he is, so maybe not,.. but football is brutal. History is not on his side.

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