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    • These folks think this dude is actually innocent and the real victim. White supremacy, man
    • These kinds of silly GIF compilations of cherry-picked plays strung together are dumb as hell and hardly warrant a response. Give me ANY narrative you want me to push and I can make it happen with 4-5 plays from a season’s worth of tape. I can make Kyle Allen look like an elite QB, I can make Daryl Williams look like an All-Pro LT, I can line up all of Christian McCaffrey’s stuffed runs on goal line plays and say he’s a bum. Hell, I can present you a few GIFs of Curtis Samuel precisely killing drives with dropped open passes that would directly contradict your statement. Do you deny any of this? Not to mention several of those plays in your first video were in extremely tight coverage where Samuel got little-to-no separation. Those were poor decisions by Allen to throw those low-percentage deep balls into tight coverage, but “poor Curtis Samuel” would suggest that he was open and the throws just weren’t there...which was the case in maybe half of those clips if I’m being charitable. Do you deny that? Those silly videos aside, the statistical snapshot you posted does support that his success is reasonably hindered by Allen’s ineptitude in getting him the ball. Statistical evidence also paints Samuel as having some of the worst hands in the league (tied for 3rd worst with 7 drops) and is among the worst in average yards of separation. Do you feel inclined to address that? In conclusion: Kyle Allen is bad, Curtis Samuel is bad.
    • My wife thought he was Philly Brown...
  • Masters of PIE !

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