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    • I had a chance to catch up on everything that happened yesterday, and I just want to point something out.  That hearing yesterday was the result of the efforts of the ADOS movement online and the pressure we have put on this up coming election.  Yet ultimately, it was really an attempt to silence the movement altogether with a more watered down version of reparations.  Before I get into that, let me address Mitch McConnell old behind.   If this dried up prune don't get sit down somewhere.  Not only is it an insult of insults to essentially say Obama was our reparations, but he is acting like he voted for him.  Mitch said "We" elected the first African American president.  Who is we?  No, it was black Americans that elected Obama.  Now don't get me wrong folks, I'm not saying white Americans didn't vote for Obama.  Yet you should know by now I'm a "group" man.  I don't deal with individuals when it comes to the data.  Who did groups of people vote for?  Who did the majority vote for?  Black Americans voted well over 95% for Obama, turning red states blue.  Even before that, we lifted Obama over Hillary.  So how can Ol' Mitch give the nation credit for something that black Americans did themselves?  This fool didn't want Obama to be president.  Heck, he probably didn't even want all the Civil Rights legislation of the mid 20th century to take place.  Yet this fool is crediting himself and America for it.  It was black people who pushed those things through, and there were many white Americans who allied with us.  None of that equates reparations though. Now with that said, boy, this hearing that went on yesterday.  Sheeesh!  Some of y'all could be thinking 'Dag Matthias, reparations is getting the attention of Congress.  What more could you ask for'?  Well, as I said to open up, this hearing was more an attempt to shut the ADOS movement down.  You see the ADOS movement is demanding trillions of dollars in investments toward our specific group.  We are taking it to these Democrat candidates in demanding that kind of agenda, and we are gaining ground.  So Shelia Jackson Lee comes in with H.R.40, a commission to "study" reparations, but has no real commitment to giving reparations.  These candidates know that, and so giving their support as a front to having the reparations discussion.  So now they can tell us, "Look we support H.R.40.  So we have a black agenda for black America, we are giving you tangibles"!  It's all a farce. When you go in and listen to what most of them had to say yesterday, Sheila Jackson lee goes out of her way to say this isn't just about checks!  The witnesses who were pro-reparations, repeated that over and over again.  At one point, Ta'Nehisi Coates had to go out of his way and pretty much state that hey, lets not get rid of the check aspect of reparations here!  Coates was the only one who had the best understanding of what real reparations look like.  This is because he is more learned about what this country had done to us specifically.  So he understands there must be specific redress.  Everyone else was on that kidnapped Africans stuff and white supremacy as an ideology.  When it comes to what reparations looks like from the ADOS perspective, when we say it isn't just about checks, we are talking we want it all.  Reparations isn't an either/or.  It's not a "instead of doing checks, let look at job initiatives or tax credits".  We want it all.  We want the check, we want debt cancellation, we want grants, we want set asides, etc.  That is why the cost is in the trillions.  When you come to Shelia Jackson Lee and the CBC overall, they are puppets for the DNC.  They certainly don't want reparations to cost anything.  At best they will give is some sort of suited up version of Affirmative Action, that will benefit not just black Americans, but every one. Then you had folks like the Coleman Hughes guy, and that football dude who was popular among older football fans.  I'm thinking, who in the world invited these cats?  Then I remembered Republicans can invite their own people to testify.  So these guys were just idiots who didn't know data.  A lot of their testimony were simply their own personal experience.  Even I don't talk about my circumstances when speaking on reparations.  As I said, I'm a "group" man, I focus on what the data tells me.  That's what scientists do, not that I'm a scientist by the way. (Heehee!)  Overall this hearing was nothing but pomp, with the intention of stealing away all the reparations conversation away from the ADOS movement, who are discussing hardcore reparations and advocacy from our candidates.  It's not going to happen.  We already have a foothold in this thing, and our pressure is only going to increase.   We're going in circles.  Obama isn't ADOS.  His father was Kenyan, and mother was white.  He comes from wealth.  There were no real odds for him other than not being a household name when he began.  That colorblind speech he gave in 2004 at the DNC convention did help him though.
    • I'd be very surprised if there isn't some level of analytics involved in all of this. Even if it's that low level gut instinct kind. Sometimes high level analytics confirms your gut instinct, sometimes it doesn't. That's another value of analytics. The analyzing part.  It also breaks tells, habits because habits are not good in sports.
    • Unfortunately I think we had our magical season in 2015.  It doesnt get much better than that, and our fanbase was as hot as it can possibly be.  We need sustained success.  Only that will bring us where we want to be.
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