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Liked Mayo at ST but hes just not and won't be a starting Panthers LB. Hope he does well in SF, its a great place to live.

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3 minutes ago, NanuqoftheNorth said:

Say what you will, Mayo played pretty well for a condiment. 

We (briefly) had a tight end here some years back whose last name was Mustard.

Condiment jokes and "Clue" jokes combined, and most of them just as bad as you might expect.

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2 hours ago, PantherNation123 said:

@USC/panthers_11 I see that you're related to David Mayo.  Sorry to burst your bubble that it is good we didn't pay him.  Wish him well, but he should never be on the field at LB for any contending team.

Hahahah sorry I hurt your feelings buddy.

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    • There was no sex trafficking going on...100% fake news. Who are you saying makes these "women think this is the only thing they can do"?  You do realize the place was run by some middle aged women, right? Do you care about "the truth"?  Doesn't appear to be the case... https://nypost.com/2019/04/12/prosecutors-concede-no-human-trafficking-in-kraft-spa-case/  
    • Where to begin.... So I like that we picked up with Jon clearly having killing Dany on his mind from the beginning of the episode until he finally did it. I love that tortured look of knowing what must be done because it is right and utterly refusing to accept it until the moment it is done because of his love for her. Great acting sold all of that well. The first half was super tense because of it. Also the visual of the throne being melted and what that represented for the entirety of the series. Just a great scene. Then we move along to the time jump (which we know is a few weeks thanks to Tyrion's monologue). I liked that whole scene as well...what I DIDN'T like was treating Jon the way they did. The Unsullied basically strong-armed them into exiling the actual hero of Westeros. He legitimately saved almost every major character and/or their people at some point in this show and certainly saved the entirety of the North by killing Dany. And to top that off, he's a better person than pretty much anybody at this point. And for his trouble, he gets exiled. Now, because he is a good man, he is exiled to go be with people who also love and adore and follow him. So while it is BS, at least it's not a true punishment beyond his choice in the matter being taken. I mean, he did CHOOSE to go to The Wall the first time around to prove himself. But dammit, he should be praised the land over for what he did. Everybody would be bending the knee to a genocidal maniac or be slaughtered by a genocidal maniac were it not for him. Everybody's roles in the new Six Kingdoms, sure. It is fitting. Sure, Bran becoming king is a tad unexpected. But the way he acted about Tyrion proposing it ("why do you think I came all this way?"). I mean, WHAT?! At no point did you ever suggest that the throne was your endgame but suddenly, once Jon kills Dany, you're all about being the king? The ending montage was cool. Sansa going from scared little bird to the Queen in the North is awesome. Arya doing her own thing under the Stark banner is cool (goes from feeling like she'll never fit into her family because she didn't want to be a lady, to renouncing her name to become a Faceless woMan, to reclaiming her name and finding her place within the family, just a great character arc). Jon being treated as basically the king of the Wildlings is awesome. Do wish we knew how much time had passed that they could rebuild the castle in King's Landing so quickly. Or repair Winterfell such that the great hall was so pristine. Or know if they fixed the gap in the Wall that the Night King came through or if they leave it as there are no longer any White Walkers and no threat North of the wall that we know of. I guess I am satisfied in the ending....but it left a bad taste in my mouth about Jon. I felt for him because it's almost a cautionary tale of what happens to good men who remain good. They end up eventually punished for doing the right thing.
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