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    • I understand your points and really do appreciate the thoughtful discourse. I dont think that disagreeing with Trump is anti American.  Reasonable civil discourse is what should build this country and it would help shed knee jerk misconceptions about others. I'll refer to an analogy I made earlier. If you welcome me into your home to escape abuse. Give me a bed and a car. Give me a good reference for a job and I turn around and talk crap about you, your wife, and your kids you might want to tell me to GTFO.  Regardless of what I look like.  I've admitted that what Trump said was misinformed regarding the other women. I'm sure he said oh poo to himself. That said it doesnt mean that the other three women shouldnt be under scrutiny..because they are indeed batshit crazy. It doesnt seem that Pelosi is any less racist then Trump based on recent comments...and one thing I can say about Trump is he is equal opportunity in the name calling dept regardless of color. If you watched the 2016 republican primary you'll know what I mean. Hes dogged everyone to Ted Cruz. Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney. John McCain. Hilary Clinton. Jeb Bush. The list keeps going. He may be a bit of literary idiot that sometimes doesnt think before he speaks...but hes not racist.
    • She would be alive so I am willing to say MUCH better.    
    • does it matter that he was a republican or a conservatives ? would it have been better for heather's family if he was a democrat and liberal ? would it all be ok for them then ? 
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