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REPORT: Panthers interested in Gerald McCoy

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9 minutes ago, bigpoppa said:

ew, ew, can I be the first to ask if he can play safety this time?

Do we need another safety if the qb can't get the ball off?

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Make it happen. 

A Crushing D-line can mask any deficiencies in the secondary.

And you don't get wins by having Cap Space.


Make it happen 


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39 minutes ago, t96 said:

Kinda brutal with what we’re paying KK and Poe

We do have pieces we can move to make room for his salary. The question is, are we willing to? I assume anything we would be looking at would be on a one year deal. If we are looking at him on a multi-year deal, it would make me wonder about either Poe or KK's future here beyond this season. 

I would love to add him but we will be riding the line on that salary cap, another pretty negative aspect of Hurney 1.0. 

Still think he is able to get a bigger contract with a cap rich team. 

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3 minutes ago, carpanfan96 said:

If he comes here, expect a restructure and Smith being cut. 

Yeah, we do have a lot of options. Extend Shaq, jettison Smith, etc. 

I just don't want us to mortgage the future and end up in cap hell again.

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    • While I appreciate that we might not have seen everything, in speaking only of the portrayal, most of the "negative" from Donte came prior to the Pittsburgh game . . . not while we were on that losing streak.  He had coaches and players all talking to him about mistakes he kept making . . . while we were winning. Perhaps the season changed him.  Time will tell.  Time also has a chance to change him.  It did with Cam, it can with Donte.  I don't expect him to be the "finished product" at this point of his career, nor should he expect it of himself.  He should however listen when coaches and veterans try to help him. Maybe JNo could give him a call.
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