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    • True, I don't blame anyone uninspired by the typical Biden dem messaging and platform, it literally lacks all inspiration and is a promise to do more of the same minus the dog whistles. I feel like we provide enough evidence that any policies Bernie is pushing isn't a giveaway, but tax reallocation to things that are proven to improve quality of life in other countries and are actually popular, while also maintaining the ego centric American exceptionalism quality (bc we all know a lot of people are that damned shallow, they actually invest in feeling superior to other people). Like, that's literally it. But literally everyone is brainwashed by Republicans and terrified of images of Venezuela that they're aggressively pressing for a return to the status quo bc they see that as a return to pre-Trump before we were a worldwide embarrassment. A lot of people need to just fuging wake up, realize they're being manipulated by petty racial grievance ambulance chasers and nazi apologist politicians on the right, and the left needs to actually come thru with these platforms that are popular only bc Bernie brought the message to the masses. I don't mind who it is as long as they're providing messaging and a plan that takes us towards a better alternative than the hellscape bOtH sIdEss are offering up right now. 
    • Yup, knowing Grier would be on the sideline all year and still selected him with plenty of solid RBs and safeties still on the board.  Not the best use of a draft pick.  Also we had Allen and Heinicke already in the fold.  That meant four QBs in camp and someone having to get cut.   I would have rather kept Hienicke and used that draft pick on a player that will actually play on Sundays this season.
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