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Boston area NBC sports guy "it's sad to see what's happening in Charlotte"

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This team is happy with mediocrity and as long as MJ owns the team that will be the case.  

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16 hours ago, ncfan said:

WFNZ's afternoon show just had a guy from NBC Boston on


-shocked and turned heads around from people he knows to see the Hornets be so Aggressive and pay Rozier as much as they did

-people scratching their heads of MJ refusing to bottom out.

- people think Hornets should bottom out and Rozier is good enough to get them 35 wins..

-mentioned Celtics where they are now from drafting Tatum and Brown in the top 5 which the 2 enticed others to come.

- "Rozier keeps the Hornets in that Hampster wheel to no where, which people say is just sad to see"

- no one seems to understand the Hornets and they have no identity 


Then went on to talk about Kemba

Kemba is a high volume guy. It takes him time to get going and can't simply come in and start knocking down shots. As a rhythm player, he is going to soak up time from the rest of the offense and lead to quite a bit of inefficiency. Perhaps he adjusts his game with better players around him but perhaps he simply isn't a facilitator? 

It's entirely possible that the Hornets are better off without him, assuming one or two of these wing players develop. Two more years, the Hornets will be bereft of their bad contracts, the Free Agency market will heat up again, and perhaps the rookies and first year guys will have developed into something that will attract a name brand player. Meanwhile, the Hornets will likely be in the Lottery those two seasons. So by 2021-2022, you have two lottery picks (if the scouting department experiences turnover perhaps they can get something right) and hopefully a couple of young guys who can start/come off the bench, and then you have cap space to bring in someone who can take the team to the next level. 

The Hornets could also present an opportunity to develop young guys by then and have the means to trade them with picks for a star player. Despite MJ's acumen in the front office being lackluster, he's still Michael Jordan. There is likely to be some allure to playing under Jordan should the team have the cap space to actually go out and get interviews with some of these super star players. 

The Hornets have been an exercise in futility but the blue print on how to operate has been given by Brooklyn. Not a small market team but a franchise that plays second fiddle in a city dominated by a losing culture at the moment is in a similar situation. Toronto could also be a decent blueprint. The Hornets need to rid themselves of bad contracts, develop young guys, put yourself in a position to trade those assets for stars in two years that will allow for the Hornets to be that next up and coming team. 

It's possible. The sky is not falling. If anything, this is when you come to light at the end of the tunnel when paying off a debt. You can finally splurge on something you weren't sure was better the first go round but now you know. 

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This forum mindset is truly confusing..

1. There are alot of dumb fans in Boston or Terry Rozier mom calls the radio ..

2. Reality check:  this team will be fighting to win 12 games.. 30 games?? Wtf.. Where is all this cheap crack cocaine coming from?? You ppl have a surplus..

3. Even if by some Disney miracles happen and they win 30 games.. Guess what dummies that means we might have developed a few young superstars.. While at the same time getting some horrible contract off the books.. Meaning We would be in a horrible unpredictably good spot.. But again this is a miracle scenario..

So we are either tanking to get a superstar.. (Which is probably the scenario) or

We get extremely lucky and have 2 or 3 young superstars on the roster that propel us to a unimaginable 30 win season and some cap relief next year..

Either way what are you tankers complaining about?

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2 minutes ago, pennywise said:

Dont compare us to Brooklyn. They are Brooklyn. We are Charlotte. Nothing to sell superstars to come here other than MJ’s shoe deals. 

Brooklyn has always been able to land a star player like once every 10 yrs. KD and Kyrie would never chose a place like Charlotte to team up. 

We would have to follow philly’s plan. Tank for at least three years. Hope we get in the top 5 all 3x and at least one #1 pick out of those three drafts. Then trade for 1-2 superstars. But at the same time at least 2 of the guys you drafted are starting caliber players. 

The problem with tanking is that it requires one thing that MJ is seemingly not capable of, adequate prospect evaluation. Our best hope is that we simply make a mistake and accidentally draft a good player.

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