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5 hours ago, bLACKpANTHER said:

i never realized how many females we got as Hornets fans..

I got 5 sh!t emojis from you clams..? for what..? saying we are an inept franchise and we are finally doing the right thing by waiting out the terrible contracts!? grow some nuts.. jeeesus

The only thing people are upset about is that MJ was never going to offer the max and as such should have known Kemba would walk.  In that scenario, he was inept and clueless in turning down a trade that would have given us a lottery pick and gotten rid of one of our bad contracts

letting Kemba go is the right move...getting nothing for it is laughable.

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This has needed to happen for a very long time Kemba has been handcuffing this team.  Kemba is a ball hog and inflates his stats.  This team will never have been a contender with Kemba on the team.  Cho really  screwed the hell out of this team .  Now we just have to sit back and watch the team be rebuilt.

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