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I guess Kemba made the right choice

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Just listening to some national sports talk radio over the last few days. Now, when they're talking about the best players in the league (or top point guards), Kemba's name immediately comes up.

Whereas he wasn't even in the conversation, when he was making All-Star teams in a Hornets jersey. I guess the Celtics brand still counts for something.


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10 hours ago, pennywise said:

Still the bobcats

At this point, it doesn't even matter.

Hornets brand is becoming just as big a joke as the Bobcats were.

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Said this from the beginning when people treid to use the arguent "we can pay him more"


Him going to a contender, in a big market.  He iasgoing to pick up Plenty in endorsements to make up for that supermax

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I'm happy for Kemba, it's clear he was holding our terrible front office marginally afloat for years. Now we're going to be god awful without him and finally, hopefully, get some lottery luck 

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